GE’s Ecomagination: A Panacea?

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Last Thursday, General Electric’s (NYSE: GE) CEO, Jeffrey Immelt, reported on the progress to date of the company’s Ecomagination project. Ecomagination seeks to position GE as a global environmental technology heavyweight, and Immelt is confident that this initiative will contribute substantially to the eventual emergence of GE’s share price from the funk it’s been over the past seven years. The Globe & Mail ran an interesting piece on Ecomagination the following day. Rob Day at Cleantech Investing also briefly touched on on the topic on Monday. The jury is still out – will Ecomagination be GE’s panacea? Investors don’t seem to think so thus far, but for my part I can say that I’ve observed GE’s cleantech maneuvering relatively closely over the past 2 years and the company is undoubtedly gaining exposure to some very interesting areas. To be continued…


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