Cashing In On Global Warming

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Just as I was attending a debate this morning that touched, partly, on the desirability of implementing an emissions trading system to control greenhouse gas emissions, I received an email from Market Watch informing me that they were running a special report on climate change and cleantech investing. The report features a very interesting collection of articles indeed. If you have about 1/2 hour to spare, I would recommend going through all of them. The following topics are covered: a) Global warning and the insurance industry b) Al Gore and David Blood’s investment venture c) The weather derivatives market (as we have pointed out before, this is an area that is sure to see some healthy growth in the years ahead) d) Carbon finance and emissions trading (the article opines that carbon trading could represent one of the biggest earners for energy desks within a few years) e) Whether or not the current popularity of alt energy stocks is just a fad. f) A look at cleantech funds and ETFs from a personal finance perspective. Nothing particularly groundbreaking for anyone who follows this space closely, but it’s always interesting, in my view, to keep up with cleantech investing reports in the popular press. One thing I’ve noticed – such reports are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and I think the public at large is getting a much better understanding of the opportunities and pitfalls associated with cleantech investing. What’s the implication of this? It should become a lot more difficult, in the years ahead, to find cheaply-priced cleantech gems.


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