Poll Question: How do you promote alternative energy?

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This poll opened on March 29, 2007 and closed on March 30, 2007.
How do you promote alternative energy? Check all that apply. Total voters for this poll: 46 invest in alternative energy stocks 18% (38 votes) support regulation of carbon emissions 13% (26 votes) support renewable energy standards 13% (27 votes) live an energy efficient lifestyle 15% (30 votes) vote for candidates who support alternative energy 13% (27 votes) buy green power 8% (16 votes) use alternative fuel 5% (11 votes) seek out products made with alternative energy 12% (24 votes) I’m an activist 3% (7 votes)


  1. Note that the poll results are shown a a % of votes cast, not as a percent of voters. Of the people voting,
    81% Invest in Alt-E stocks
    65% Live energy-efficient lifestyles,
    58% Support Renewable energy Standards,
    58% vote for candidates promoting alternative energy,


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