Investing in Climate Change…Again And Again

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I caught this one a little late, but thought it might still be useful. The Globe & Mail, Canada’s main national newspaper, is running, in its investment section, a segment on investing in climate change. I didn’t find all of it useful, but there are some interesting nuggets of information that are worth sharing. More specifically, I enjoyed the piece on cleantech ETFs called “Go clean, invest green“. It discusses The PowerShares WilderHill Clean Energy Portfolio [AMEX:PBW], the PowerShares WilderHill Progressive Energy Portfolio [AMEX:PUW], the PowerShares Cleantech Portfolio [AMEX:PZD] and the Claymore/LGA Green ETF [AMEX:GRN]. I also liked the piece entitled “Liquid assets” on investing in water. One key omission by the author, however, is the PowerShares Water Resources ETF [AMEX:PHO]. Unfortunately, the links provided above will probably only work until the end of February, after which you will have to fetch the segment in the Archives section under Issue #47. DISCLOSURE: The author does not hold any positions in any of the securities discussed above.


  1. I looked up the Claymore ETF (GRN) and it doesn’t look very green to me!
    Does anyone know if the Wilderhill New Energy Global Innovation Index (NEX, launched Jan. 06) will get it’s own ETF? It is performing very well (much better than ECO (PBW) because of its international reach.


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