WorldWater & Power Corp. Wins $1.9 Million Bid from Liberty Science Center for Two Solar Electric Systems

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Worldwater Corp (WWAT) announced that it has won a $1.9 million dollar bid award to design and install two solar electric systems at the Liberty Science Center, the most visited science museum in New Jersey. One photovoltaic installation, a 122 kW unit, is to be mounted on the roof of the newly expanded Liberty Science Center facility and will face the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of clean, renewable energy. The other, a 105 kW installation, is a “Solar Walkway” that will lead from the bus parking lot to the center’s main entrance. Here, overhead solar panels will serve double-duty as a canopy to protect visitors from the elements while generating electric power from the sun. Both units are expected to substantially reduce the Liberty Science Center’s utility costs. [ more ]


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