Veridium Updates License for Exclusive Rights to CO2 Bioreactor

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Veridium Corp. (VRDM.OB) announced its execution of an amended license agreement with Ohio University (“Ohio”) for its patented bioreactor process for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from fossil-fuelled combustion processes. Veridium’s original license with Ohio provided for non-exclusive rights to the technology for the purpose of processing exhaust gas streams from electrical utility power generation facilities, and exclusive rights to the technology for applications involving all other sources. The amended license agreement increases the scope of Veridium’s license to provide for exclusivity in all applications, including electrical utility power generation facilities. [ more ]


  1. So what’s your take on this?
    I bought around .16
    I am hoping it will double again to .66 so I can get my original investment out and I can hold on to rest.

  2. I got in if Feb. for .03 a share. I have met the owner, he has big plans and owns most of the company and its holding company green shift. I’m not sure how high it will go, but I’m hanging on to all my shares for now.


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