EPOD Announces 100 Kilowatt Solar Install Has Begun

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EPOD INTL INC (EPOI.OB) announces that construction of the 100-kilowatt solar power installation previously announced on September 13, 2005, has begun. Phase-One of the turn-key, solar power system for a German agricultural client is projected to be completed within the next two weeks. The system will begin generating renewable energy for sale to the local electric utility under a 20-year power purchase agreement immediately upon completion, and has an estimated lifespan of a minimum of 40 years. The power purchase agreement is part of a federal government energy program whereby residential, commercial, and industrial power users are encouraged to utilize renewable energy to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, Germany’s dependence on fossil fuel-based and non-renewable power. As both electric power demand and prices continue to increase, it is Management’s opinion that demand for EPOD’s solar power systems will grow correspondingly. [ more ]


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