XsunX Adds New Manufacturers to Products Development Program

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xsnx_logo.gifXSUNX Inc. (XSNX) is working with current manufactures of glass and thin-film products so that they can incorporate their PowerGlass technology into future R&D plans for the manufactures.

The Company is providing these manufacturers with samples of Power Glass thin films and plans to adapt the on-going results of these working relationships into its manufacturing process line to meet the needs of its future licensees. [ more ]

XsunX has been getting a great deal of press recently and it looks like the PR engine is going full steam. They are also featured in a Business 2.0 article about their technology. [ more ] What we are not seeing is news about the next phase of development, or even news of prototype production. This is why the stock is still sitting at its current price range. I still think the stock is fairly priced at this level and may consider adding a second third down here.



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