Carmanah Awarded $1 Million Contract to Build Canada’s Largest Solar Power System

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Carmanah Tech Corp (CMH.V) announced that the Company has received a letter of intent confirming a forth-coming contract in the amount of $1,000,196 from the City of Toronto for a 100 kW solar power system to be installed on the roof of the Horse Palace at Exhibition Place. Carmanah will install a state-of-the-art 100 kW solar power system on Exhibition Place that is tied to the conventional electricity grid. The system uses high efficiency solar modules and a unique penetrationless racking system. An educational display in the lobby will show the public how much power is being produced, environmental conditions as well as historical system performance data. It is estimated this system will reduce the annual carbon dioxide emissions of this facility by approximately 94.7 tonnes per year. [ more ] Tyler at Clean Break was able to interview the company for a Toronto Star article and has more details at his website. [ more ] When you read Tyler’s post you will notice he loves this company. What’s not to love when you find a small company like this that is making money and showing profits. I would love to own this company as well. I have been trying off and on for a couple of months to buy the stock here in the US. The stock trades locally as a pink sheet ( CMHXF.PK ) but has zero volume. I have called my broker and they will be willing to purchase the stock via the Vancouver exchange, but at a cost that is prohibitive. The good news is that the company is making plans to move to a major Canadian exchange soon which may help increase the ability to purchase the stock.


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