XsunX Produces Large Area Transparent Solar Cell on Thin-Film Plastic

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xsnx_logo.gifXSUNX Inc. (XSNX) announced that continued product development success has produced large area integrated solar cell modules on transparent polyester films. This represents a milestone for the Company in efforts under its Phase III development program to perfect a scalable manufacturing method for large area solar cells on inexpensive Polyethylenenapthalate, or PEN based thin film plastics. [ more ] XsunX is an interesting company that was brought to my attention from one of my readers. They are developing transparent films that can be used on normal windows. These films can be used as solar cells to produce energy.

First generation Power Glassâ„¢
Second generation Power Glassâ„¢

From the XsunX website:

Power Glassâ„¢ represents a new breed of solar cell design that balances solar cell efficiencies and manufacturing costs with broad applications and uses. The Company believes that these design, manufacturing, and application efficiencies may provide as much as a 100% efficiency-to-cost gain over conventional opaque solar cells. This 100% gain in efficiency-to-cost is based on Company estimates of Power Glassâ„¢ solar cells operating at as much as 50%, or half, the efficiency of conventional opaque amorphous solar cells yet costing as little as 25%, or one fourth, to produce. Final cost to efficiency analysis will be determined upon completion of development.

This company currently trades on the OTCBB and would be considered a penny stock since they are still very much in R&D mode. They are currently not selling anything, but are looking for licensing partners for the technology. I was hoping that they were going to exhibit at the SolarPower 2005 conference, but they are currently not listed as an exhibitor. Maybe I can find a representative in one of the meetings this week so I can learn more about this company. The stock is currently trading up over 15% on today’s announcement.


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