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highlights_microturbine1.jpg My nine year old daughter still receives Highlights magazine in the mail on a monthly basis. If you have a child and have ever spent any amount of time in a pediatricians office, you have probably logged a fair amount of time flipping through this magazine while waiting to see the doctor. This weekend I was at home flipping through the November issue of Highlights and was very surprised to find an article about Microturbines. The introduction gives the basics of how a turbine works. Then the single page article give a very good description of how you can take jet engine technology and shrink it down to provide electricity.

Engineers had to solve several problems to squeeze a jet engine down to the size of a microturbine… Today, a microturbine can fit inside a cabinet the size of a big refrigerator. It makes enough electricity for 10 to 15 homes and helps heat them as well.

highlights_microturbine2.jpg The amazing idea for me is that it wasn’t an article about solar power, or even fuel cells. I understand they may have already covered those topics in past months, I was very surprised and happy to see an introduction to a small niche player in the alternative energy sector. It is also a good indication about this represents the wave of the future. This children’s magazine is doing a good job about introducing new ideas and concepts to our children. We are starting to present the wonders of science and alternative energy to the next generation at a young age and I feel this is a great idea. I’m sure Capstone Turbine Corp (CPTC) is pleased and maybe Keith can let me know if they had a hand in helping to write the article (hint?)


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