California Approves Renewal of Wind Farm Permits

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fpl_logo.gif The Alameda County Board of Supervisors approved renewal permits held by wind power companies like FPL Group Inc (FPL), and other wind generators to produce electricity at the 584-megawatt Altamont Pass wind farm, one of the world’s largest wind energy centers. [ more ] One key stipulation for the renewal is that the wind power companies need to replace over 5,000 windmills over the next 13 years with 500 more efficient turbines with high blades that spin above the birds’ flight paths. This may seem like a win for the wind farm utilities, but it comes with a price. They expect this overhaul to cost them over $500 million over the next 13 years. The true winners of this news are the companies that provide the new turbines and blades (i.e. GE Energy and Vestas) .


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