Wind turbines taking toll on birds of prey

Spread the love has an article discussing the perils of wind energy and the ecological effects to local bird wildlife. [ more ] After years of study but little progress reducing bird kills, environmentalists have sued to force turbine owners to take tough corrective measures. The companies, at risk of federal prosecution, say they see the need to protect birds. The biggest concern is the Altamont pass near San Francisco. Altamont Pass bird kills have been known for years, but turbine owners and federal regulators ignored them except to urge more research, says Miller of the Center for Biological Diversity. But a California Energy Commission study in August found bird fatalities much higher than had been thought and laid out steps to limit them. This is just more fuel to the fire to get the Altamont pass upgraded. The newer technology and taller structures have decreased bird fatality. These future upgrades will reflect positively to the Wind generation stocks.