UTC Power Introduces the PureCycle 200 Power System: Recycles Waste Heat to Produce Electricity without Additional Emissions

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United Technologies Corp (UTX) states that their UTC Power division has announced the arrival of the PureCycle(TM) 200 power system, a unique heat-to-electricity technology that recycles waste heat as free fuel to generate electricity. The PureCycle(TM) 200 system operates without emissions and is completely pollution-free, employing a closed-cycle process using technology developed by UTC’s Carrier division. In principle, the PureCycle(TM) 200 works like a reverse air-conditioner. Energy is absorbed into the system by a liquid refrigerant that vaporizes when heated. The hot vapor turns a turbine, which drives a generator to create electricity. Later, the hot vapor circulates through a fan-vented cooling chamber, returns to its liquid form, and begins the cycle again. [ more ] Image that if you had a Fuel Cell system for your house, which generates heat to produce energy. That heat can be used to provide whole house heating and also water heating. Now it can also be used to generate additional electricity.


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