First National to fund city wind generation projects valued at over $20 million

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First National Power Corporation (FNPR) in keeping with its commitment to becoming a leader in alternative energy sources is pleased to announce that on August 18, 2004, they conditionally agreed to work with an integral department of a large Northern Ontario city, with the intent being to collaborate on identifying alternative energy solutions. It is the intent that FNPR will joint venture with the City and possibly a local forestry concern on these projects. First National Power will act as a full partner, providing the funding, while the other partners will be the vendor of the equipment, the operator of the facility and the City, who are adding both the land for the deal and the connection to the grid through their wholly owned public utility commission. The deal being discussed with the local company in the forestry business will be similar in design, except that the local company will be the customer for the energy produced. [ more ]