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September 29, 2004

Spire to Provide a PV Module Manufacturing Line to Solaria Energia y Medio Ambiente, Madrid, Spain

Spire Corp (SPIR) announced that it has executed a contract to provide Solaria Energia y Medio Ambiente, of Madrid, Spain, a customized SPI-LINE(TM) turnkey photovoltaic (PV) module production line.

Spire's advanced PV module manufacturing equipment and process technology provided will enable Solaria to manufacture state-of-the-art photovoltaic modules from solar cells to address the rapidly growing needs of the European market. The modules produced from the line will be used for on-grid and off-grid electrification projects in Spain and elsewhere. [ more ]

Ballard Powers First Ford Production Fuel Cell-Powered Focus

ballard_logo_B.gifBallard Power (BLDP) to Power More Than 50 percent of Announced Demonstration Fleets Under U.S. Hydrogen Economy Initiative.

The first production vehicles powered with Ballard® fuel cells and built by Ford Motor Company for customer use under the U.S. Department of Energy demonstration program were unveiled in Detroit today. Ballard Power Systems together with its Alliance partners, DaimlerChrysler and Ford, continue to lead the industry in fuel cell development, as they place the largest fleet of fuel cell vehicles in the hands of customers, further advancing the path to commercialization. Nearly half of the Department of Energy's announced fleets under the Hydrogen Economy Initiative will be Ford and DaimlerChrysler vehicles, all powered with Ballard® fuel cells. [ more ]

Nevada Geothermal Power Inc.: Further Blue Mountain Temperature Drilling

Nevada Geothermal Power Inc. (NGLPF) is pleased to report that a temperature gradient drilling program is near completion at the Blue Mountain project in Nevada. Eight holes have been drilled to depths up to 1020 feet using an air rotary rig to map the subsurface thermal anomaly outward from the central thermal zone. At three valley locations where the depth of overburden exceeded the capability of the air drilling equipment, additional drilling with a mud circulation rig may be conducted after the initial results have been compiled. Results from the current drilling combined with earlier temperature gradient data and test wells Deep Blue No. 1 and 2 will be used to determine the optimum location for two production test wells. [ more ]

SatCon Receives $1.8 Million Order for Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply

satcon_logo.gifSatCon Technology Corporation (SATC) announced that it received a $1.8 million purchase order for an initial installation of a 2.2 megawatt Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply (RUPS). Included in the purchase order is an option for a second UPS for $1.5 million. Baldwin Technologies in College Park, Maryland served as the engineering and manufacturer's representative for this sale and the final customer is the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado. Delivery of the first unit is expected in the first calendar quarter of 2005. [ more ]

Big Firms Positioned in Alternative Energy Field

TheStreet.com has a good write up about the new potential growth opportunities that are available in the Alternative Energy marketplace.

"With oil recently passing the $50 mark -- and expected to stay high -- some investors feel freshly tempted by alternative energy stocks. They view fuel cells and sunshine and windmills as ultimate replacements for diminishing supplies of fossil fuels. Thus, they tend to look past the alternative fuel industry's current losses and focus on future possibilities instead." [ more ]

The following companies are mentioned in this article:
Ballard Power (BLDP)
FPL Group Inc (FPL)
Fuelcell Energy Inc (FCEL)
Plug Power Inc (PLUG)

September 28, 2004

GE, FPL expect boom in wind power business next year

U.S. power companies such as FPL Group Inc (FPL) that develop windmill farms will probably install a record number of turbines next year after Congress renewed the tax credit needed to make the plants cost effective.

Over a thousand new windmills, typically twenty stories high with three 40-foot blades, will crop up in fields in Oklahoma, ranches in Colorado and off the coast of Massachusetts. U.S. wind power will increase by more than the 1,687 megawatts built in 2003, said Christine Real de Azua, a spokeswoman for the American Wind Energy Association, a trade group in Washington. [ more ]

Brazilian Sugar Miller COSAN Begins Use Of O2Diesel

O2Diesel Corp (OTD) announced that one of the largest sugar millers and ethanol producers in the world, COSAN (annual revenues of US$500 million) of Brazil, began using O2Diesel(TM) in the diesel powered fleet located at their mill in Barra Bonita, State of Sao Paulo. This mill is the world's largest sugar and ethanol production facility with the capacity to process 6.8 million tons of sugar cane per year. The patented fuel technology developed by O2Diesel Corporation of Newark, Delaware, will be used in a wide variety of trucks and agricultural equipment. COSAN operates 12 mills in Southeastern Brazil with an annual consumption of approximately 50 million liters (13,208,993 gallons) of diesel fuel. [ more ]

The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund and Proton Energy Systems Embark on a Fuel Cell Demonstration Project

prtn_logo.gifThe Connecticut Clean Energy Fund has agreed to provide funding to Proton Energy Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of Distributed Energy Systems Corp (DESC) to design, build and conduct a 24-month demonstration of a 5kW Regenerative Fuel Cell (RFC) for a telecommunications site in southwestern Connecticut.

The project proposal from Proton is consistent with the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund's mandate to support projects that promote the commercialization of fuel cells and illustrate their importance as a clean, reliable distributed energy source. [ more ]

Hydrogenics Sells Fuel Cell Test Stations to Asahi Glass

Hydrogenics Corp (HYGS) announced the sale of two FCATS G50 fuel cell test stations to Asahi Glass Co. Ltd., a leading fuel cell component maker. The stations are expected to be delivered before the end of the year.

The FCATS G50 is specifically designed to offer accuracy and reliability for fuel cell testing in low power ranges, at an attractive price. The 'G' Series test stations offer superior reliability and maintainability as a result of thorough in-house testing, selection of high quality components and well-designed accessibility to the test station's internals. [ more ]

Ballard to Demonstrate Fuel Cell Technology in Three Distinct Backup Power Generation Applications

ballard_logo_B.gifBallard Power (BLDP) announced it will demonstrate three distinct applications utilizing Ballard® fuel cells for backup power in cooperation with the Government of Canada under the h2 Early Adopters (h2EA) Program. The h2EA Program will fund Cdn. $2 million of the $4 million program with the balance of funding to be provided by the program participants. Field demonstrations such as this support the Canadian Government's aim to accelerate the development of a hydrogen economy by encouraging innovation, expanding industrial capacity, and meeting climate change objectives. [ more ]

Congress Restores $2,000 Hybrid Car Tax Credit

Tens of thousands of taxpayers have purchased hybrid electric vehicles this year, and the thousands more who plan to buy these gas-saving, environmentally-friendly vehicles in coming year will receive a bigger tax incentive than expected for their socially-responsible purchases, thanks to yesterday's action by the U.S. Congress on the middle class tax cut bill. [ more ]

September 27, 2004

Hydrogenics to Work with Toronto Waterfront Corporation to Identify Green Pilot Projects and a Green Zone on the Waterfront

Hydrogenics Corp (HYGS) and the Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation (TWRC) are announcing the signing of a memorandum of understanding today at the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 2004 Conference in Toronto. Together the two organizations will explore ways in which hydrogen fuel cell technologies and hydrogen production can support and build on the sustainable development goals of the TWRC.

"Toronto is uniquely positioned to leverage Canada's strong leadership position in fuel cell technology and commercialization," said Pierre Rivard, President and CEO of Hydrogenics Corporation. "By engaging the local expertise we can enhance and accelerate the development of a roadmap for sustainability for this city. We are excited by the opportunities that working with the TWRC might provide Hydrogenics and the entire Canadian hydrogen fuel cell industry." [ more ]

Stuart Energy Awarded Funding From Government Of Canada For Phase 1 Engineering Of Three Hydrogen Fueling Stations

stuartenergy_logo.gifStuart Energy Systems Corp (SRNYF) announced that it has been awarded approximately $300,000 in funding from Natural Resources Canada, through the Canadian Transportation Fuel Cell Alliance (CTFCA) program, for the preliminary engineering of three electrolysis-based hydrogen-fueling stations.

These stations, when built, are intended to support demonstration projects involving hydrogen-powered shuttle buses. The targeted locations for these projects are in Ottawa and Toronto, Ontario, and in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. These projects will develop market familiarity and consumer acceptance for hydrogen-powered vehicles and hydrogen fueling infrastructure, and ultimately facilitate the commercialization of these technologies. Phase 1 of the project contemplates the project engineering study. Deployment of the fueling stations will be dependent upon the availability of the hydrogen-powered shuttle buses. [ more ]

First National to fund city wind generation projects valued at over $20 million

First National Power Corporation (FNPR) in keeping with its commitment to becoming a leader in alternative energy sources is pleased to announce that on August 18, 2004, they conditionally agreed to work with an integral department of a large Northern Ontario city, with the intent being to collaborate on identifying alternative energy solutions. It is the intent that FNPR will joint venture with the City and possibly a local forestry concern on these projects. First National Power will act as a full partner, providing the funding, while the other partners will be the vendor of the equipment, the operator of the facility and the City, who are adding both the land for the deal and the connection to the grid through their wholly owned public utility commission. The deal being discussed with the local company in the forestry business will be similar in design, except that the local company will be the customer for the energy produced. [ more ]

September 24, 2004

BMW Unveils World's Fastest Hydrogen-Powered Car

bmw-h2.jpgGerman luxury carmaker BMW unveiled the world's fastest hydrogen-powered car at the Paris auto show on Wednesday, dubbed the H2R, capable of exceeding 300 kilometers (185 miles) per hour.

"Our drive toward the future is called hydrogen," BMW management board member Burkhard Goeschel said before the tarp slowly slipped off the teardrop-shaped body of the sleek race car. [ more ]

September 23, 2004

Biodiesel B2 Blend Selling Below Average Diesel Cost at Salt Lake City Pumps

Green Star Products Inc (GSPI) announced today that according to an article published in the Salt Lake Tribune (September 17, 2004) B2 biodiesel blend is now selling at 3 cents below average diesel price in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The article states, "Alternative fuel enthusiasts have a new place to fill up. The first biodiesel fuel pump in Utah opened Thursday at Dal Soglio Sinclair, 7398 S. 700 West, in Midvale. The station now sells diesel fuel that is a 2 percent biodiesel blend (B2), along with conventional unleaded gasoline. The B2 blend costs $1.94 per gallon, which compares favorably to the average cost of diesel in the Salt Lake City-Ogden area, about $1.97 per gallon." [ more ]

Clean Diesel Technologies Announces Significant Emissions Reductions from Independent Testing of Platinum Plus Fuel Additive

Clean Diesel Technologies Inc. (CDTI) announced today that it has completed extensive independent testing of its Platinum Plus® fuel-borne catalyst (FBC) in a wide range of fuels on four different engines at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio. Results from these tests confirm that the FBC, when added to various commercial diesel fuels, can provide up to 35 percent reduction in diesel particulate emissions (PM) and up to 11 percent NOx reduction. Both particulates and NOx are a major focus of worldwide efforts to reduce diesel emissions, and the U.S. EPA has challenged the industry to clean up the more than 11 million existing diesel engines that are used in a wide range of on-road and off-road applications. While new engines will see dramatic emissions reductions starting in 2007, many existing engines will continue to be in service for another 10-20 years. [ more ]

Distributed Energy Systems Awarded SBIR Phase II Contract for Advanced Regenerative Fuel Cell Development

prtn_logo.gifDistributed Energy Systems Corp (DESC) announced today the award of a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase II contract from the U.S. Army Missile Defense Agency (MDA) to continue development of lightweight regenerative fuel cell technology for high altitude airships.

The goal of this 2-year, $749,999 contract is to demonstrate a multi-kilowatt-capable closed-loop hydrogen-oxygen regenerative fuel cell and is a continuation of work completed in Phase I of this project. This regenerative fuel cell can generate pressurized hydrogen and oxygen electrochemically, without mechanical compression. MDA plans to apply this technology for energy storage for high altitude airships, which will be used as platforms for sensors and communications vital for missile defense and homeland security. [ more ]

New York to rely more on renewable power

New York will dramatically boost its reliance on renewable energy sources like wind and water over the next nine years under a policy approved by state regulators Wednesday.

Clean energy advocates and state officials said the action by the state Public Service Commission places New York among the leaders nationwide in the development of renewable energy. It comes 20 months after Gov. George Pataki first called for a statewide standard that would encourage the production of environmentally friendly energy. [ more ]

Astris Energi Announces North American Debut of Model E8 Portable Generator

astris_logo.gifAstris Energi Inc. (ASRNF) announced today that the North American premiere of its 2.4 kW Model E8 Portable AFC Generator will take place at the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 2004 Conference and Trade Show, to be held in Toronto from September 25 to September 28, 2004.

The E8 is the latest in a series of self-contained, portable generators that are powered by Astris' alkaline fuel cell. The quiet, emission-free E8 uses the latest generation POWERSTACK(tm) MC250 fuel cell modules to deliver 48 V DC at 50 amperes of current and will handle overload up to 60 amps. The generator has a total electrical efficiency of more than 50%, a figure unequalled by any other device in its class, and several times higher than the efficiency of conventional generators fuelled by gasoline. [ more ]

BOC Showcases Hydrogen Fuel Cell Capabilities at Toronto Exposition

BOC Group PLC (BOX) will display a full range of supply, safety and other fuel cell technology support services during the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 2004 Conference and Trade Show at the Sheraton Center, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, September 25-27.

BOC has a solid track record of delivering hydrogen production and supply solutions tailored to meet our customers' needs. BOC is supplying its full range of products and services to emerging hydrogen energy markets across the globe, participating in high profile demonstration projects, supporting the development of new technology, creating innovative customer solutions, and investing in new ventures. [ more ]

September 22, 2004

Fuel cell converts waste to power

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin at Madison have found a way to use the carbon monoxide to produce more energy in a reaction that can take place at room temperature.

The method could eventually be used in portable systems that use renewable fuel produced from plant matter, said James Dumesic, a professor of chemical and biological engineering at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. The process could also be used to treat wastewater and contaminated gas streams, he said. [ more ]

PSE Announces Intent to Buy 220 Megawatts of Wind Power; Utility seeking 100% ownership of proposed wind farm in eastern Kittitas County

Puget Sound Energy (PSD) recently signed a letter of intent with Houston-based Zilkha Renewable Energy to obtain 100-percent ownership of Zilkha's proposed 220-megawatt (MW) Wild Horse Wind Power Project located in the eastern part of Washington state's Kittitas County. It is the next step in an ongoing process to acquire renewable energy as part of a strategic plan to secure low-cost, long-term diverse resources for its growing customer base. [ more ]

S&P promotes wind power as energy source

Credit rater Standard & Poor said Tuesday wind energy could be a viable alternative to oil amid higher petroleum prices.

"Wind power remains often more expensive than traditional energy sources ... although it is becoming increasingly price competitive," said S&P credit analyst Jan Willem Plantagie. [ more ]

Enova Introduces New Series Hybrid Drive Systems for Heavy-Duty Urban Transportation Applications

Enova Systems Inc (ENVA) announced today the immediate availability of its newest series hybrid drive systems for heavy-duty, urban transit and delivery vehicles. These leading edge, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly hybrid systems are applicable for Class 5 through Class 7 trucks as well as mid-sized to large urban transit buses.

Enova introduced its new "Hybrid Power" series hybrid drive systems this week at the Electric Drive Transportation Association's annual trade show and symposium in Orlando, Florida and showcased a Class 8 truck equipped with this innovative new system in the ride and drive exhibit. Ideally suited for heavy duty urban delivery and urban transit applications, these systems include a high torque electric drive system, all electric accessories, energy management, energy storage, and power generation. The Company's new hybrid systems can also be configured to generate alternating current electricity for other applications such as plug-in power tools. [ more ]

ZAP Car Certified by Executive Order

zap_logo.gifZAP (ZAPZ) announced that the California state's Air Resources Board has certified its ZAP WORLDCAR(TM) as a "Zero-Emission Vehicle."

The Air Resources Board has certified the 2005 Model Year ZAP WORLDCAR (NEV) and the ZAP WORLDCAR (Utility EV). The certification allows ZAP vehicles to be licensed and sold in the State of California. The certification also gives the purchaser access to incentives created for drivers of Zero-Emission vehicles. Drivers can qualify for a special Zero-Emission Vehicle parking decals that allow them to park and refuel at designated recharging parking spaces, as well as preferred locations at airports, shopping malls, mass transit hubs and more. The vehicles now qualify for grants for public agencies to purchase them and there is a 10 percent federal tax credit for consumer purchases. [ more ]

September 21, 2004

Tyco Electronics Power Systems Signs Distribution Agreement for Plug Power's GenCore Fuel Cell System

plug_logo.jpgPlug Power Inc (PLUG) announced today an agreement with Tyco Electronics Power Systems, Inc., under which Tyco Electronics will market and sell Plug Power's GenCore®5T fuel cell systems for telecommunication backup applications throughout the United States and Canada.

Under the agreement with Plug Power, Tyco Electronics will market, promote and sell the GenCore product through its direct sales force, under both the Tyco Electronics and Plug Power brands. The distribution agreement formalizes a working relationship between the companies that has been actively addressing technology, marketing, reliability and certification for more than a year, and is complemented by a previously announced nationwide service and installation agreement between Plug Power and Tyco Electronics Installation Services Inc. [ more ]

September 20, 2004

Energy stocks for the conscience-driven

The CS Monitor has a good article about the investment potential of Alternative Energy stocks.

"You can't ride off into the sunset with a hydrogen-powered SUV - or to a middle-class solar home. But as the decades-long transition away from oil begins to take shape, some ethical investors sense a bonanza. " [ more ]

All New 2005 Accord Hybrid Uses Advanced Honda Hybrid Technology to Deliver V-6 Performance with Four-cylinder Fuel Efficiency

honda_logo.gifHonda Motor Co (HMC) will debut the all-new Accord Hybrid, the world's first V-6-powered hybrid vehicle and Honda's third hybrid model, at dealerships nationwide on December 3, 2004. The all-new Accord Hybrid utilizes the third-generation of Honda's advanced Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) full hybrid system in combination with new Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) cylinder deactivation technology to deliver the world's best V-6 fuel efficiency - on par with a 4-cylinder, compact class Civic - along with highly responsive and powerful V-6 performance. With the introduction of the Accord Hybrid, Honda now becomes the first company in the world to offer three distinct hybrid models including the world's first V-6 hybrid. [ more ]

Active Power Unveils Revolutionary New Technology

acwp_logo.gifActive Power Inc (ACPW) announced the details behind its latest breakthrough in alternative energy storage. The new technology, based upon the innovative combination of several mature technologies, constitutes a monumental achievement in energy storage by providing the extended runtimes of lead-acid batteries without any of the well-known shortcomings of these cells. This Thermal and Compressed Air Storage (TACAS) technology will be incorporated into Active Power's newest product that will begin shipping as an alpha unit late this year, the CleanSource® XR. [ more ]

September 16, 2004

Honda Showcases Its Zero Emission FCX Fuel Cell Vehicle at California Fuel Cell Partnership's 'Cruisin' Southern Cal' Road Rally

honda_logo.gifHonda Motor Co (HMC) industry-leading
current generation FCX fuel cell vehicles will be key participants in a
showcase rally that will drive some of the cleanest and technologically
advanced vehicles in the world through some of the smoggiest regions in the USA. [ more ]

Princeton's Plasma Physics Laboratory to lead U.S. fusion research project

The U.S. Department of Energy chose Princeton's Plasma Physics Laboratory to lead the United States' participation in an international fusion energy project known as the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER).

"We wanted to do it because it gives us an intellectual role in planning this experiment and making sure it succeeds," said Robert Goldston GS '77, director of the plasma physics lab. "This is very important for the future of fusion energy."

In what Goldston described as an "amazing step" towards the development of nuclear fusion, ITER aims to construct the first device capable of producing self-sustaining burning plasma—the substance necessary for nuclear fusion to take place—for significant periods of time. [ more ]

They don't expect to have a working demonstration until 2050. I feel that Fussion is the future for our energy needs, but we are a long way away from that reality. This is why we need to look for options like hydrogen or other renewables that can hold us over until then.

FuelCell Energy And Department Of Energy Finalize Phase 1 Award For Solid State Energy Conversion Alliance Program

fcel_logo.gifFuelcell Energy Inc (FCEL) announced today that it has finalized its award with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for the three-year first phase of its Solid State Energy Conversion Alliance (SECA) program. Phase one is a $24 million Cooperative Agreement cost-shared by the DOE and the FuelCell Energy team, which includes Versa Power Systems, Materials and Systems Research Inc., Gas Technology Institute, University of Utah, Electric Power Research Institute, Dana Corporation and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Finalizing the award resolves open budget, scope and schedule issues.

The goal of the SECA program is to accelerate the development of low-cost solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), a key element of DOE's commitment to developing clean, efficient, reliable and affordable power generation for virtually all markets. [ more ]

September 15, 2004

Toyota to build Prius Hybrid in China

Toyota Motor Corp. (TM) will start building its Prius hybrid sedans in China next year with FAW Group in a step it hopes will promote the vehicles as the global standard for fuel-efficient cars.

The move could also help China as it looks for alternative energy sources and tries to keep pollution in check while demand for cars continues to surge. [ more ]

OG&E Wind Power Program Marks 1-Year Anniversary; Recognized as One of the Most Successful Programs in the Country

Just one year after launching its wind power program, nearly 9,000 OG&E Electric Services (OGE) customers have subscribed. About one-third of the subscribers have 100 percent of their electricity generated by wind, making OG&E's program one of the leaders in the United States. [ more ]

Volkswagen Selects IdaTech for Automotive Diesel Fuel Cell Fuel Processor System

IdaTech (IDA) has been selected by automobile manufacturer Volkswagen of Germany to design and manufacture an integrated fuel processor system operating on diesel fuel to be used in an automotive application: Auxiliary Power Unit (APU).

The agreement, part of a vehicle demonstration project at Volkswagen, marks a first for IdaTech to be working directly with a major European automotive company on vehicle fuel cell systems. IdaTech was selected for its technical performance in diesel fuel reforming. The fuel processing system will be a highly efficient, custom design for vehicular applications and will incorporate IdaTech's patented metal membrane hydrogen purification system, a key component to any compact, liquid fuel proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell system. [ more ]

Stuart Energy Signs Exclusive Global Distribution Agreement

stuartenergy_logo.gifStuart Energy Systems Corp (SRNYF) and Purification Equipment Research Institute of CSIC (PERIC), a Chinese-based developer of water electrolysers, have entered into a master supply and distribution agreement. Under the agreement, Stuart Energy is the exclusive global distributor for large-scale hydrogen generation plants based on water electrolysis technologies jointly developed by PERIC and Stuart Energy. In addition, Stuart Energy is the exclusive distributor in certain territories for PERIC's existing, commercial large-scale hydrogen generation plants. [ more ]

ZAP Signs $100 Million Exclusive Agreement for Apollo Fuel Cell Technology

zap_logo.gifZAP (ZAPZ) announced that its automotive distribution subsidiary Voltage Vehicles has signed an exclusive agreement with Apollo Energy Systems of Pompano Beach, Florida for its fuel cell technology.

Under the contract, ZAP's Voltage Vehicles subsidiary has agreed to purchase up to $100 million in Apollo's propulsion systems. Apollo has developed a patented Alkaline Fuel Cell and Tri-Polar Lead-Cobalt battery technology that is expected to revolutionize the auto industry. According to Apollo, the new fuel cell is ready for production, years before similar propulsion systems are expected to be available. [ more ]

ZAPZ was up over 15% today on this news.

September 14, 2004

Canadian Group Produces Hydrogen from Water Using Solar Energy

Solar Hydrogen Energy Corporation (SHEC) of Saskatoon, SK, Canada demonstrated a technology Monday in Tempe Arizona that can split hydrogen from water using solar energy input.

The keys to the process are in a patent pending catalyst that facilitates the liberation of hydrogen from water in the presence of heat, and the patent pending solar collector collector that can hold the heat during brief intermittent sun situations often encountered by solar arrays. [ more ]

2005 Jeep Liberty CRD will be powered by biodiesel

DaimlerChrysler AG (DCX) announced plans to use B5, a 5% blend of biodiesel, in each new Jeep Liberty Common Rail Diesel (CRD) sport-utility vehicle coming off the assembly line. The news is a landmark choice by US auto manufacturers in advancing the use of cleaner burning biodiesel. Chrysler Group President and CEO Dieter Zetsche called the decision an important first step in encouraging wider use of clean, renewable fuels. [ more ]

FuelCell Energy's DFC1500 Power Plant Certified as the Largest Fuel Cell System to Meet 2007 California Emissions Requirement

fcel_logo.gifFuelcell Energy Inc (FCEL) announced today that its megawatt-class Direct FuelCell® (DFC®) power plant is now state-certified to meet the California Air Resources Board's (CARB) stringent distributed generation emissions standards for 2007. By meeting this standard, the Company's DFC1500 qualifies as an 'ultra-clean' technology, exempting it from air pollution control and air quality district permitting requirements by CARB (http://www.arb.ca.gov). In addition, this certification qualifies the Company's products for preferential rate treatment by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) including the elimination of 'exit fees' and 'standby charges' for customer electric generation. [ more ]

September 10, 2004

First Alternative Energy Index Spawns Exchange Traded Fund

Investing in a portfolio of companies involved in alternative energies such as wind, solar, and hydrogen fuel cells has been challenging, but it is now getting easier. Last month saw the launch of the WilderHill Clean Energy Index (ECO), a benchmark comprised of publicly traded companies involved in alternative energies that is published by the American Stock Exchange. [ more ]

A listing of the index components for this ETF can be found at the AMEX website. This is great news and also a great way to invest in Alternative Energy Companies. I feel that ETF's are much more cost efficient and easier to use than mutual funds. This ETF is scheduled to launch in October and I will post the ETF ticker symbol when it starts trading.

September 09, 2004

Hydrogenics Wins Contract to Provide Fuel Cell Power Module for Aircraft Tow Tractor Demonstration

Hydrogenics Corp (HYGS) announced today that it has won a contract to supply a 65 kilowatt hydrogen fuel cell power module to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Fuel Cell Test and Evaluation Center (FCTec) operated by Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC). The power module will be integrated into an Aircraft Tow Tractor by CTC and will be used in fuel cell demonstrations at select Air Force Bases and civil airports in the United States, in conjunction with the United States Air Force Advanced Alternate Power Technology Transformation Office, Warner-Robins AFB, Georgia. The fuel cell system will be delivered in December 2004. [ more ]

September 08, 2004

Maryland to test fuel cell vehicle

Maryland will lease a fuel cell-powered minivan from General Motors and will pursue plans for a hydrogen refueling station in the state. General Motors has partnered with Shell Hydrogen to open what will be the first hydrogen dispenser at a retail gas station in Washington this fall. [ more ]

NUVERA Fuel Cells Launches Plan for Hydrogen Test Facility

Privately held Nuvera Fuel Cells, Inc., announced plans to establish a hydrogen test facility with RIVOIRA S.p.A., and the SIAD Group, both of which partner with Praxair, Inc. (PX), a leading U.S. multinational in the industrial gas sector. The plan calls for expanding SIAD's facility located in Osio Sopra, (Bergamo) Italy for the purpose of demonstrating hydrogen-based fuel cell systems.

According to the agreement, the new facility will comprise approximately
180 m2 of space and will be dedicated to testing Nuvera's hydrogen products in the 5.5 kW to 25 kW power range, including its H2e(TM) fuel cell power module (for industrial equipment applications), FORZA(TM) power module (for industrial hydrogen recovery applications in the 120 kW size), and Andromeda(TM) fuel cell stack(for automotive applications). [ more ]

ZAP Solves Battery Dilemma for Mobile Electronics

zap_logo.gifZAP (ZAPZ) unveiled today ZAP® Portable Energy(TM), a new rechargeable lithium-ion battery and power storage technology for low-voltage electronics like cell phones, handheld computers and more.

"The battery technology to power electric cars is here and ZAP Portable Energy is proof that the technology is maturing at a rapid rate," said ZAP CEO Steve Schneider. "This mobile power source is a breakthrough product that can serve the needs of more than 80 percent of the handheld electronics market. This and other battery advances in mobile electronics are creating the economies of scale necessary to commercialize advanced electric car batteries." [ more ]

Intrepid Prepares to Enter the California Energy Market

intrepid_logo.gifIntrepid Technology and Resources, Inc. (IESV) and the California Dairy Campaign (CDC) announce a partnership to make available ITR's proprietary digester technology to the California dairy industry.

Gary Bullard, CDC's environmental project manager was one of the attendees at ITR's demonstration of their first methane bioreactor in Rupert, Idaho. on August 23. "I left the demonstration convinced that the technology and processes that I saw were of paramount importance to our member dairies". Mr. Bullard further stated, "California, which is the nation's largest dairy state, with many individual dairies that exceed 10,000 head, is facing an unprecedented environmental challenge to the continued and successful operation of these dairies due to State requirements on the removal and disposition of animal wastes and the associated air, soil and water quality standards which are the most stringent in the nation." [ more ]

Millennium Cell Demonstrates Technology at Intel Developer Forum Fall 2004

Millennium Cell Inc (MCEL) announced that it is demonstrating a prototype hydrogen fuel cell system to power a notebook PC at the Intel Developer Forum from September 7th through September 9th at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco. The system is on display in the Intel Pavilion in the technical showcase.

The system consists of a disposable Millennium Cell Hydrogen on Demand(TM) ("HOD(TM)") fuel system combined with a hydrogen fuel cell. In this initial demonstration, the battery pack has been removed from a Dell C400 notebook PC and the computer is directly powered by the HOD and a Proton Exchange Membrane ("PEM") fuel cell system. The sealed, disposable cartridge containing the HOD system is similar in size and shape to a traditional battery pack. Also on display, will be the Company's vision of the next generation HOD and fuel cell system and how it will be integrated into a notebook personal computer without any loss of portability or functionality of the device. [ more ]

Kainos Energy Corporation Receives Grant from the National Science Foundation

Privately held Kainos Energy Corporation, a developer of nanotechnology to reduce cost and improve performance of fuel cells, announced that it was awarded a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The Phase I award supports a project entitled "Innovative Laser-Based Process for Commercially Viable Nanostructured Solid Oxide Fuel Cells." [ more ]

"Significant cost and performance barriers continue to hinder fuel cell commercialization. Our technology will overcome these barriers, lead to advanced cell and stack designs, and enable mass commercialization of a variety of powerful fuel cell applications," noted Sami Mardini, vice president of business development at Kainos Energy.

Lexus Exceeds 9,000 Pre-Sold Customer Orders for 2006 RX 400h Hybrid

Lexus announced today that its dealers have received more than 9,000 pre-sold orders for the 2006 RX 400h luxury gas-electric hybrid SUV through August month-end. The RX 400h provides a powerful new performance dimension to the traditional hybrid advantages of high mileage and low emissions. [ more ]

Konarka Acquires Siemens' Organic Photovoltaic Research Activities; Union of Top Research Efforts Enhances Konarka's Leadership Position

Privately held Konarka Technologies, Inc. announced it has acquired Siemens AG's organic photovoltaic research activities. The acquisition brings together two leading efforts to develop and commercialize a new generation of photovoltaics that are inexpensive, easy-to-manufacture and versatile. These new plastic power cells will make it possible for any electronic device or structure to carry its own on-board source of renewable energy. [ more ]

September 07, 2004

UTC Power Introduces the PureCycle 200 Power System: Recycles Waste Heat to Produce Electricity without Additional Emissions

United Technologies Corp (UTX) states that their UTC Power division has announced the arrival of the PureCycle(TM) 200 power system, a unique heat-to-electricity technology that recycles waste heat as free fuel to generate electricity.

The PureCycle(TM) 200 system operates without emissions and is completely pollution-free, employing a closed-cycle process using technology developed by UTC's Carrier division. In principle, the PureCycle(TM) 200 works like a reverse air-conditioner. Energy is absorbed into the system by a liquid refrigerant that vaporizes when heated. The hot vapor turns a turbine, which drives a generator to create electricity. Later, the hot vapor circulates through a fan-vented cooling chamber, returns to its liquid form, and begins the cycle again. [ more ]

Image that if you had a Fuel Cell system for your house, which generates heat to produce energy. That heat can be used to provide whole house heating and also water heating. Now it can also be used to generate additional electricity.

Plug Power's GenCore Fuel Cell Supports Digital Switching Gear at Rural Telephone Company

plug_logo.jpgPlug Power Inc (PLUG) announced today that the Company's GenCore®5T48, a 5-kilowatt backup fuel cell system, is providing backup power to the Oneida County Rural Telephone network.

"This program is another example of our efforts to keep the communities we serve on the cutting edge of technology," stated James McCarthy, Vice President of Oneida County Rural Telephone. "We have considered using alternative backup power in support of our network infrastructure in the past, and fuel cells are an attractive alternative to batteries. Fuel cells offer a clean, cost-effective solution for our backup power needs." [ more ]

Environmental Power Corporation's Microgy Subsidiary Signs Second California Farm for Digester-Based Feed Production System

Environmental Power Corp (POWR) announced today that it has signed an agreement with Seifert Dairy Farms of Acampo, CA for the on-farm location of an animal feed production system based on Microgy's anaerobic digester ("AD") technology.

The Seifert Dairy project is the second such facility proposed for development under Microgy's Feed System Project Development Agreement with The Scoular Company ("Scoular"), a $2.3 billion in sales merchandiser of agricultural commodities. As previously announced, this Development Agreement anticipates Microgy constructing up to 50 systems designed to use an efficient, environmentally sound process to produce animal feed. [ more ]

September 04, 2004

First Container Load of Biodiesel Shipped to Asia

American Biofuels (ABF), a biodiesel production company 35% owned by Green Star Products Inc (GSPI), announced today that its first container load of U.S. produced biodiesel is on its way to Asia.

The ABF shipment is believed to be the largest order of biodiesel ever shipped from the United States to Asia. The oceangoing container carries approximately 6,000-gallons of biodiesel packaged in over 100-barrels. This is a first major step in opening Asian markets to U.S. produced biodiesel and biodiesel technology. [ more ]

WorldWater Corp. Executes $2 Million Contract for World's Largest Solar-Powered Irrigation System

Worldwater Corp (WWAT) announced today that it has executed a $2 million contract for its proprietary AquaMax(TM) pumping system at a California citrus ranch. The announcement was made by Quentin T. Kelly, WorldWater chairman and CEO. [ more ]

Peugeot's Quark fuel-cell four-wheeler for the road

3153_01_tn.jpgPeugeot has unveiled a futuristic prototype open air, two-seater, four-wheel drive vehicle designed to showcase its fuel cell technology. The Quark comes with some interesting technologies most notably a removable interactive interface, which looks to be a PDA on steroids. The unit serves the same purpose as an ignition key and is used in conjunction with an instrument panel. Positioned in its housing, it provides information concerning the traction system and the fuel cell, vehicle speed, satellite navigation, etc... Protected by a small transparent and waterproof cover, it allows the vehicle to be started when in place and immobilises it after removal by the driver, as in the case of an ignition key. [ more ]

Daimler fuel cell guru shares his vision

DaimlerChrysler AG (DCX) Just imagine filling up your car at the windmill down the road. That’s what Andreas Truckenbrodt dreams of, but DaimlerChrysler’s director of fuel cell and alternative powertrain vehicles knows there are still hurdles to clear before the zero-emission cars become kings of the road. [ more ]

September 03, 2004

Hydrogenics Awarded Contract by The Toro Company to Provide HyPM Technology for Fuel Cell Program

Hydrogenics Corp (HYGS) reported today that it has been awarded a contract by The Toro Company (TTC) to supply a HyPM fuel cell power module for integration into the company's development work in grounds maintenance equipment. This contract is part of Toro's ongoing strategic alternative energy research and development initiative for turf care equipment. [ more ]

September 01, 2004

Contrarian Opinion on Alt Energy Stocks from Motley Fool

Rich Smith, writer for the Motley Fool, has written an article with a contrarian opinion about investing in alternative energy stocks. Specifically he refers to the Fuel Cell stocks.

"The old test of a person's optimism is to show him a glass of water, filled to 50% of capacity, and ask whether it is half empty or half full. Shown such a glass, I have full confidence that investors in hydrogen fuel-cell pioneers such as Plug Power Inc (PLUG), Ballard Power (BLDP), or Fuelcell Energy Inc (FCEL) would declare the glass half full." [ more ]

While he rails about "these companies burn a lot of cash but produce precious little energy in doing so" is based in truth. The reason why I'm investing in these companies NOW is because I feel that in 5-10 years these companies will be raking in the cash.

I would much rather be buying low at these prices than paying 5-10x the price in the future.

RNC convention hikes alternative energy stocks

Alternative energy companies saw a market boost Tuesday after the U.S. energy secretary reiterated the president's support for alternative energy.

"In the first year of that program, we've had tremendous success," Abraham said in an interview on CNBC. "We've bought international support to this effort and we're moving as fast as we believe the research can move." [ more ]

Companies that saw a bounce from Abraham's comments included Fuelcell Energy Inc (FCEL), Beacon Power Corp (BCON), Plug Power Inc (PLUG) and Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc (QTWW). Beacon Power saw the biggest percent jump of 29.4 percent, up to 44 cents.

Xcel Energy Announces Proposed Renewable Energy Project Selections

Twenty-five proposed renewable energy projects featuring hydroelectric, biomass, wind, solar and biofuel technologies have been selected to receive more than $22 million from the Xcel Energy (XEL) Renewable Development Fund.

More than 200 renewable energy project proposals were considered, three times the number submitted in the program's first funding cycle in 2001. [ more ]

Cold Fusion Back From the Dead

IEEE has written an article about the resurgence of Cold Fusion research.

"Later this month, the U.S. Department of Energy will receive a report from a panel of experts on the prospects for cold fusion��?the supposed generation of thermonuclear energy using tabletop apparatus. It's an extraordinary reversal of fortune: more than a few heads turned earlier this year when James Decker, the deputy director of the DOE's Office of Science, announced that he was initiating the review of cold fusion science. Back in November 1989, it had been the department's own investigation that determined the evidence behind cold fusion was unconvincing. Clearly, something important has changed to grab the department's attention now." [ more ]

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