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Water Out Of Thin Air

It is an irony that surrounded by the flood waters of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, a drink of fresh, clean water may be hard to come by.  Of course, the all three levels of government make plans for stockpiling and deploying emergency bottled water well ahead of natural disasters.  Yet in the hours and days following the worst of both the recent storms, the media was filled with stories of people who lacked water. What if water could be made manufactured?  If such a technology existed, what a boon it might be to thirsty storm victims. Ambient Water Corporation (AWGI:  OTC/PK) has...

Tetra Tech’s Two-Penny Disappointment

by Debra Fiakas, CFA Tetra Tech’s (TTEK:  NASDAQ) quarter earnings report last week was met with high drama as traders reacted with surprisingly vehement disappointment over the recent financial performance of the engineering and technology business.   The company’s stock price gapped down in the first day of trading following the announcement, falling through a significant line of price support.   The shares continued to fall and finished the week at a price not seen since mid-April 2017 before the stock began its recent drive higher. The drama unfolded after Tetra Tech reported net earnings of $0.52 per share on $498 million in total...
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