Invesco Cleantech ETF

Screening For the Best Clean Energy ETF

by Vic Patel There are over a dozen major Clean Energy ETFs available to investors. But which one is the best one to put your hard earned money into? Best can mean different things to different people based on their investment preferences and risk profile. In this article, I will provide a more empirical based reason behind why I believe that PZD is the most attractive Clean Energy ETF at the moment. I have based on my analysis of 4  primary factors: liquidity, diversification, recent price action, and last but not least expense ratio. Liquidity has to be a major consideration in the...

List of Alternative Energy and Clean Energy ETFs

This list was last updated on 4/27/2022. ETFs are Exchange-listed funds which pool investor's money for the purpose of making Alternative Energy investments. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) track a specified Alternative Energy index. This list also includes closed-end mutual funds and other pooled investments which trade on exchanges. ALPS Clean Energy ETF (ACES) ASN Groenprojectenfonds (ASNGF.AS) Bluefield Solar Income Fund (BSIF.L) Defiance Next Gen H2 ETF (HDRO) Evolve Funds Automobile Innovation Index ETF (CARS.TO) First Trust Global Wind Energy Index (FAN) First Trust Nasdaq Clean Edge Smart Grid Infrastructure Index Fund (GRID) First Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge Green Energy Index Fund  (QCLN) Foresight Solar Fund Limited (FSFL.L) Global X Lithium...

Options on Clean Energy ETFs

In my recent article about Green Energy Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), I said that there were two main criteria investors should consider when choosing one (the fund's expense ratio, and its investment universe.)  This is true for investors who are looking for a single investment in alternative energy, but if you are a more sophisticated investor or speculator, there's another important criterion: Is there a market for exchange traded options on the ETF? I personally love selling (a.k.a. "writing") options.  If the stock market is a casino, option sellers are the house.  Longtime readers will recall my article last...
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