Budget Cut at Methanex

by Debra Fiakas, CFA Initially investors were worried about a few delayed orders as a consequence of the coronavirus outbreak in China.  The global supply chain, of which China is a critical link, would be temporarily interrupted by work stoppages in that country.  As the virus jumped to other countries it became clear that businesses all over the world could experience business interruption and that could mean significant earnings erosion.  Investor alarm spiked as denial and dysfunctional appeared to be the main themes in the U.S. policy response to the situation.  Panic ensued destroying billions in the U.S. capital base.  Bank of America estimates the...
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Bargain Priced Alternative Energy Stocks

A review of Crystal Equity Research’s novel alternative energy indices found a number of companies that have delivered exceptional price appreciation over the last year.  Several were reviewed in the recent post “Alternative Returns” on May 8th.  Expectations for growth appeared to be driving the price movement, so the last post “Quest for Growth” featured four companies from the indices for which analysts have posted high growth predictions.  Not unexpectedly some investors have already bid higher the stocks of those promising companies. In this post we go back to the lists to find the companies with both high growth predictions and low price-earnings...
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