MiX Telematics: Fleet Efficiency, Saftey And Security At An African Discount

by Jan Schalkwijk, CFA In a recent article I wrote about the tech sector in Africa, I mentioned a South Africa company called MiX Telematics Ltd (NYSE:MIXT). There is a dearth of investable tech names in Africa and the worry is that investors would have to stretch to gain exposure to African tech. With this company, no stretching is necessary and it thus provides exposure to the African technology sector without comprising on value or quality. MiX Telematics is a company that provides fleet and mobile asset management solutions, delivered through the Software-as-a-Service "SaaS" model. The company seeks...

MiX Telematics: Global, Green, and Undervalued

MiX Telematics' (NASD:MIXT) fleet management solutions significantly increase road safety and reduce fuel consumption. MiX is well positioned to take advantage of continued rapid growth in the global mobile asset management industry, yet its stock is a much better value than its peers.
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