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List of Geothermal Stocks

Geothermal stocks are publicly traded companies whose business involves using the earth's heat energy for productive use, such as generating electricity and space and process heat. This list was last updated on 10/27/2020. Calpine Corp. (CPN) Bought out. No longer publicly traded. Climeon AB (CLIME-B.ST) Contact Energy Limited (CEN.NZ, COENF) Enel SpA (ENEL.MI, ESOCF) Energy Development Corporation (EGDCY) Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. (INE.TO, INGXF) Mercury NZ Limited (MCY.NZ) NIBE Industrier AB (NIBE-B.ST, NDRBF) Ormat (ORA) Ormat Industries (ORMT.TA) Polaris Infrastructure Inc. (PIF.TO, RAMPF) If you know of any geothermal stock that is not listed here and should be, please let us know by leaving a comment. Also for stocks in the...

Ormat Technologies (ORA): The 500-Pound Gorilla of Geothermal Power

Tom Konrad, CFA  Ormat is the 500-pound gorilla of the geothermal power industry.  Should you buy the stock? I've owned Ormat Technologies (NYSE:ORA) stock off and on since I first began to invest seriously in clean energy companies.  At one of the first renewable energy conferences I attended five years ago as part of my quest to understand the renewable energy investing landscape, I encountered a representative of the Geothermal Energy Association (GEA).  Here's how I recall our conversation: Me: "What are a few of the leading geothermal power companies?" GEA Rep: "Ormat." Me: "Are they...
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