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Three Marine and Hydrokinetic Stocks

by Debra Fiakas CFA Three public companies end our series on wave and tidal power development.  Marine and HydroKinetic energy has only recently received enough interest from scientists and engineers to merit an acronym  - MHK.  It is an all-encompassing category, stretching across ocean tides and waves and reaching into the currents of inland rivers and straights.  It is separated from hydropower, which involves the construction of dams to create elevation differences in water levels that can be used to turn turbines. Still this promising source of renewable energy is populated mostly by small, private companies...

The Choppy Waters Of Ocean Power Investing

by Debra Fiakas CFA The last post introduced Atlantis Resources Ltd. (ARL:  LN), a developer of tidal power generation technologies.  Atlantis has been working on a project called MeyGen ofthe coast of Scotland, which is to become the world’s largest tidal stream energy project.  It is a distinctive location where tidal action reaches up to five meters per second.  Atlantis will supply the underwater turbines for the 400-megawatt project, which has received regulatory consent. Atlantis is not the only tidal power developer to hear the call to the high seas off the coasts of Ireland and...

Atlantis Resources: Pure Play Ocean Power

by Debra Fiakas CFA Atlantis Resources Ltd. (ARL:  LN) is among the most recent additions to the Ocean Group in Crystal Equity Research’s Earth, Wind and Fire Index of companies using the dynamic forces of the planet to generate energy.  Atlantis is a developer of tidal power generation technologies.  Atlantis has been working diligently for over a decade to developer underwater turbine technologies.  A project in San Remo, Australia using the company’s Aquanator tidal current turbine was among the first in the world to deliver ‘ocean’ power to an established electric power grid.  The Aquanator has since been...
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