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List of Synthetic Fuel and Drop-in Biofuel Stocks

Synthetic fuel stocks are publicly traded companies creating transportation fuel from non-liquid feedstocks such as natural gas, coal, and municipal waste.  Drop-in biofuel stocks are publicly traded companies creating transportation fuel from organic feedstock that can be used, transported, and stored by conventional petrofuel infrastructure.  A synthetic fuel is a biofuel if it is made from organic feedstock.  It is a drop-in fuel if it is compatible with the existing infrastructure for petroleum based fuels. This post was last updated on 7/20/2022. Amyris (AMRS) Archaea Energy, Inc. (LFG) BioAmber (BIOA) Codexis (CDXS) Darling Ingredients (DAR) Gevo (GEVO) Global Bioenergies (ALGBE.NX) Neste, Inc. (NEF.F, NESTE.HE, NTOIF, NTOIY) N-Viro International Corp. (NVIC) Sasol Ltd. (SSL) Velocys, PLC (VLS.L) If...

A New Solar Fuel to the Rescue?

Cerium - an oil saviour? Eamon Keene Making fuel from solar energy is the holy grail of the renewable industry. In 2008, David Nocera, an energy professor from MIT, gushed about a "major discovery" which would unleash a solar revolution. The MIT press reported on a "simple, inexpensive, highly efficient process for storing solar energy". Ostensibly this was a way to split water to store solar energy in the form of hydrogen and each house would have its own solar panel, which would mean that "electricity-by-wire from a central source could be a...
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