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February 27, 2006

FuelCell Energy Selected by U.S. Department of Energy to Develop a Coal-Based Multi-Megawatt Solid Oxide Fuel Cell System

fcel_logo.gifFuelcell Energy Inc (FCEL) announced it has been selected by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) as a prime contractor of a third project team to develop a coal-based multi-megawatt solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) system. The total project award for the 10-year, three-phase Fuel Cell Coal-Based System program is approximately $85 million. The project is subject to negotiation of a final agreement.

The program's goal is to develop a multi-megawatt SOFC power system, 100 megawatts and larger, with at least 50 percent overall efficiency in converting energy contained in coal to grid electrical power. This compares to today's average U.S. coal-based power plant with an electrical efficiency of approximately 35 percent. Other program goals include capturing 90 percent or more of system's carbon dioxide emissions and meeting a cost of $400 per kilowatt (exclusive of coal gasification unit and carbon dioxide separation subsystems). [ more ]

Canadian Municipality Saves Taxpayers $8 million Using Itron Enterprise Energy Management Software

Itron Inc. (ITRI) announced that the Region of Peel (ROP), a municipality near Toronto, Canada, has saved its residents more than $8 million by using their energy management software tools to reduce energy costs and operate its numerous facilities more efficiently. [ more ]

FuelCell Energy and Capstone Achieves Record in Electrical Efficiency

fcel_logo.gifFuelcell Energy Inc (FCEL) and Capstone Turbine Corp (CPTC) announced that its patented Direct FuelCell/Turbine® (DFC/T®) achieved a record-setting performance -- establishing a mark of 56 percent electrical efficiency in the sub-megawatt (sub-MW) class for 800 continuous hours during initial testing.

This significantly exceeds the electrical efficiency of other distributed generation technologies of similar size. For example, gas engines have an electrical efficiency of 30 to 42 percent, low temperature fuel cells have an electrical efficiency of 30 to 35 percent and microturbines have an electrical efficiency of 25 to 30 percent. [ more ]

I always love when these small companies get together and build something that is better than their indvidual efforts alone. The system they have built takes directs the excess heat that is generated by the fuel cell and powers a modified Capstone microturbine.

EnerSys Invests in Lithium-Ion Battery Business

EnerSys (ENS) announced today that it has purchased a controlling interest in Modular Energy Devices, Inc. (ModEnergy), a development stage company. ModEnergy produces large format lithium-ion rechargeable batteries utilized in aerospace and defense applications as well as specialized standby power and commercial applications.

ModEnergy, based in Westerly, Rhode Island, has developed a proprietary method for assembling lithium-ion cells into battery systems that are designed to be safer and more cost effective than competitive products currently available. [ more ]

WorldWater & Power and NAI Global Sign Agreement for Solar Energy Services

Worldwater Corp (WWAT) announced the signing of an agreement to introduce WorldWater & Power's solar energy and technology to the NAI Global network of commercial property managers and clients.

According to the terms of the agreement, NAI will help to identify prospects for the purchase of equipment, electric power or services from WorldWater & Power. In addition, NAI may assist in negotiating such purchases and in obtaining governmental approvals necessary for the construction of projects designed by WorldWater & Power that NAI has been instrumental in arranging. [ more ]

February 22, 2006

American Superconductor Receives Order for PowerModule(TM) Systems for 150 Wind Turbines

American Superconductor Corp. (AMSC) announced it has received a follow-on order for its proprietary PowerModule(TM)-based wind turbine generator control systems for 150 wind turbines from Windtec Systemtechnik GmbH (Windtec), a supplier of large wind turbine components and system technology, based in Klagenfurt, Austria. The PowerModule-based control systems will be utilized in the electrical equipment of wind turbine generators -- each rated at 1.5 megawatts -- which Windtec plans to ship to China in calendar 2006. AMSC expects to ship the PowerModule PM1000 power converters, which manage and stabilize electricity produced by wind turbine generators, to Windtec by the end of calendar year 2006. [ more ]

E.On Launches $34.72B All-Cash Endesa Bid

German utility E.On AG launched a 29.1 billion euro ($34.72 billion) all-cash bid for ENDESA (ELE) on Tuesday, topping a previous offer from Gas Natural by more than 30 percent and threatening to disrupt carefully laid plans for Spanish power-market consolidation.

Endesa said in a statement that the E.On offer was "clearly" the better of the two, but added that it still did not adequately reflect Endesa's true value. [ more ]

Shares of Endesa were up 15% in yesterday's trading.

Nevada Geothermal Power Inc.: Geophysical Survey completed at Pumpernickel Geothermal Project, Nevada

Nevada Geothermal Power Inc. (NGLPF) reported the completion of a geophysical survey at the Pumpernickel geothermal project in Nevada. The project is managed by Nevada Geothermal Power Company (a subsidiary of NGP), as Exploration Manager.

The final report is pending, however a preliminary assessment of the data shows that the survey successfully defined the contact between the valley fill and the basement rocks, and most importantly it established the positions of valley faults and their relationship to the geothermal system.

The data showed a good correlation with the 2005 resistivity data. The combined data will aid significantly in defining the boundaries of the geothermal reservoir and the subsequent design of the first production test wells, planned for 2006. [ more ]

EMCORE Corporation Awarded DARPA Very High Efficiency Solar Cell Program Subcontract

EMCORE Corp. (EMKR) announced that it has signed a subcontract to participate in the Defense Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Very High Efficiency Solar Cell (VHSEC) program to more than double the efficiency of terrestrial solar cells within the next 50 months. EMCORE's Photovoltaic division was selected by the University of Delaware, the prime contractor for the DARPA VHSEC program, to develop advanced III-V multi-junction solar cells in Phase I of the program effort. In later phases, EMCORE expects to develop a technology roadmap for enabling significantly lower fabrication costs for the very high efficiency solar cells. [ more ]

Evergreen Solar Announces $100 Million Sales Agreement with S.A.G. Solarstrom AG

evergreen_logo.gifEvergreen Solar Inc (ESLR) announced that it has entered into a four-year supply contract with S.A.G. Solarstrom AG (S.A.G.), based in Freiburg, Germany. The agreement calls for Evergreen Solar to ship approximately $100 million of photovoltaic modules to S.A.G. over the next four years.

S.A.G. builds and operates solar power stations, and sells the generated energy to corporations and utility companies. S.A.G. plans to use Evergreen Solar's products to help satisfy the growing demand from those organizations. These products will be manufactured at Evergreen Solar's plant in Massachusetts and at EverQ's new 30-megawatt facility in Thalheim, Germany. EverQ is a strategic partnership between Evergreen Solar, Q-Cells AG of Germany and Renewable Energy Corporation ASA (REC) of Norway. [ more ]

Hydrogenics Delivers Fuel Cell Backup Power Generator to Bell Canada Telecommunication Site

hygs_logo.gifHydrogenics Corp (HYGS) announced the successful delivery and commissioning of a hydrogen fuel cell backup power generator at a Bell Canada telecommunication site in Burlington, Ontario.

The backup power generator, developed in collaboration with Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (EMR), uses Hydrogenics' 8 kW HyPM® XR fuel cell power module. This project, announced in 2005 as part of Toronto's Hydrogen Village initiative, was made possible through an investment from the Government of Canada's 'Hydrogen Early Adopters' program (h2EA). [ more ]

February 16, 2006

Active Power Receives 6 MW Order from Eaton Powerware

acwp_logo.gifActive Power Inc (ACPW) announced an order from Eaton Powerware for twelve 500 kW DC flywheel systems. These units will ship in the first half of 2006 and be used to upgrade the power infrastructure of an existing data center in the United States. [ more ]

ADM Selects Columbus, Nebraska as First Location for Ethanol Expansion

Archer-Daniels-Midland Co. (ADM) announced that it has selected Columbus, Nebraska as the first location for its ethanol capacity expansion. The Company will build a dry corn milling plant with an initial annual capacity of 275 million gallons adjacent to the existing ethanol plant in Columbus.

In September, ADM previously announced that it planned to expand ethanol capacity by 500 million gallons through the addition of two dry milling plants at existing ADM ethanol facilities. Construction, expected to be complete in early 2008, is subject to applicable governmental approvals. [ more ]

Millennium Cell and Jadoo Power Form Strategic Alliance

mcel_logo.gifMillennium Cell Inc (MCEL) announced that it entered into a strategic development and licensing agreement with Jadoo Power Systems Inc., a leading supplier of portable fuel cell power systems. The agreement will allow Jadoo to license Millennium Cell's Hydrogen on Demand® technology for development and commercialization within Jadoo's current line of product offerings. [ more ]

February 09, 2006

Enova's Hybrid Drive Systems Helping Power Ford Fuel Cell Vehicles and Wrightbus Transit Buses

Enova Systems Inc (ENOV) announced that its components are currently being used in thirty (30) Ford Focus Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles and six (6) Wrightbus Electrocity hybrid transit buses.

The Ford Focus is one of the industry's first hybridized fuel cell vehicles looking to combine the improved range and performance of hybrid technology with the overall benefits of a fuel cell. Enova's 120kW Hybrid Drive System has been installed in six (6) Wrightbus Electrocity vehicles that are now in service in London. [ more ]

February 07, 2006

Active Power Receives Order from Leading Solar Energy Company

acwp_logo.gifActive Power Inc (ACPW) announced that it has received an order for its new CoolAir DC product from one of the leading producers of photovoltaic modules in Europe.

CoolAir DC uses thermal energy and compressed air to provide power, can be cycled regularly without a loss in performance and is environmentally friendly. By using solar energy to heat the thermal storage unit (TSU) and compress air in the storage tanks, energy can be captured and used at a later time. [ more ]

The share price of ACPW has recently retested the trendline and I will be adding to my position in the Marketocracy mutual fund this morning.


February 06, 2006

Ultralife Batteries Receives $2.7 Million BA-5390A Battery Order

Ultralife Batteries Inc (ULBI) has received an order valued at approximately $2.7 million for its new BA-5390A battery with state-of-charge indicator from the U.S. Defense Department. Deliveries are expected to begin this quarter and be completed in the second quarter. This is the first order against the company's Next Gen II, Phase IV five-year battery contract and is unrelated to the company's recently announced order for its standard BA-5390 battery. [ more ]

February 03, 2006

Hydrogenics Delivers US$ 1.5 million HySTAT Hydrogen Generator to North American Nuclear Power Plant

hygs_logo.gifHydrogenics Corp (HYGS) announced today that it delivered a HySTAT(TM) Hydrogen Plant in December to a North American nuclear plant. The high-purity hydrogen generated is being used to prevent corrosion and extend the life of stainless steel tubes in the nuclear reactor as part of an upgrade for the purpose of renewing the plant's operating permit.

The hydrogen generator in this application consists of two HySTAT-A electrolyzer modules, each capable of producing 33Nm3/hr of hydrogen further demonstrating the scalability of Hydrogenics line of hydrogen generation products. [ more ]

SatCon Technology Corporation Announces Order from Sun Edison

satcon_logo.gifSatCon Technology Corporation (SATC) nnounced that it has entered into a strategic supply agreement and has received a purchase order from New Vision Technologies, an affiliate of Sun Edison, LLC, to initially deliver up to 10 megawatts of PowerGate(TM) photovoltaic inverters through the end of the year. Sun Edison has multiple photovoltaic projects around the U.S. already under contract and the 500kW inverter, recently unveiled by SatCon, is a particularly good fit to meet their demands for high efficiency power conversion. [ more ]

Solarworld Buys Solar Power Unit From Shell

Solarworld AG (SWV.DE) will buy businesses from Shell to take over as the top maker of solar power equipment in the United States. The news prompted a leap in Solarworld shares, already buoyed by President Bush's pledge to promote new technology to make the United States less dependent on imported oil.

The agreement covered Shell factories in Germany and the U.S. and sales operations in Germany, Singapore and South Africa. The price of the deal was not released and is still waiting for regulatory approval. [ more ]

February 02, 2006

Westport and Ford Announce Hydrogen Engine Technology Development

Westport Innovations (WPT.TO) and Ford Motor Company today announced a project to develop and demonstrate an advanced direct injection fuel system for vehicles powered by high-efficiency, high performance engines operating on pure hydrogen.

The two-year development program will be divided into two phases. Phase one will define advanced fuel system requirements including the design of fuel injectors. Phase two will incorporate the design and manufacture of new prototype fuel systems. The Government of Canada has contributed $250,000 during phase one. [ more ]

February 01, 2006

FuelCell Energy Selected by DoE to Advance High Temperature Polymer Exchange Membrane Technology for Power Generation Applications

fcel_logo.gifFuelcell Energy Inc (FCEL) announced that it has been selected by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for a five-year, $2.1 million cost-shared project to develop a high temperature membrane for low humidity operation of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) fuel cells, subject to final negotiation of an agreement. FuelCell Energy was awarded one of 12 competitively bid projects that will receive a total of $19 million in federal funding for polymer membrane research. The overall goal of this research is to advance membrane durability and extend shelf-life, while simultaneously bringing down its cost. The project includes the development of a composite membrane for high temperature (120(degrees)C) PEM fuel cell operation. The composite membrane is intended to have the mechanical strength and water retention capability required for efficient operation and reduced system cost. [ more ]

Maxwell Technologies Receives 1.5 Million-Unit Ultracapacitor Purchase Order From Enercon for Wind Energy Systems

Maxwell Technologies (MXWL) announced that Enercon GmbH has placed a 1.5 million-unit purchase order for ultracapacitors for wind turbine blade pitch systems. Enercon currently uses BOOSTCAP® ultracapacitors for backup energy storage and power delivery in wind turbines models ranging in output from 300 kW to 6 MW.

Ulrich Neundlinger, Enercon's managing director of switching units, said that the company is expanding its use of ultracapacitors for blade pitch system backup power after initial deployments confirmed their significant advantages over traditional battery solutions. [ more ]

Syntroleum and Sustec Announce Coal-to-Liquids Joint Venture

Syntroleum Corp (SYNM) announced today that they have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding that provides for exclusive joint business development of projects that will integrate Sustec's FUTURE ENERGY GSP® gasification technology with Syntroleum's Fischer-Tropsch (FT) and Synfining® technology.

The joint venture is aimed at converting coal and other carbonaceous materials such as petroleum-coke, residual fuel oil and biomass into ultra-clean fuels. Each company will own 50 percent of the joint venture. [ more ]

Bush's State of the Union

"America is addicted to oil, which is often imported from unstable parts of the world"

Thanks to Mr. Bush's state of the union address last night, we should see some nice gains across the board in the Alternative Energy sector.

Some of the big winners may be the Ethanol companies like Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) and Pacific Ethanol, Inc. (PEIX).

The EnergyStockBlog.com has a nice write up on the potential for ADM. [ more ]

GreenCarCongress.com has a nice summary of the important parts of the speech.

In his State of the Union 2006 address, President Bush announced the Advanced Energy Initiative�a 22% increase in clean-energy research at the Department of Energy (DOE).

The Initiative is intended to focus on providing breakthroughs in two areas: power for homes and businesses; and transportation. [ more ]

Update: Well the market is now open and shares of ADM and PEIX are trading down. But shares of Fuel Cells and Solar companies are up.

Aqua Dyne To Test Solar Powered Water Desalination

Aqua Dyne Inc. (AQDY.OB) and the Australian, Commonwealth Scientific and Industry Research Organisation (CSIRO), the Federal Government's Premier Research Organisation will be advancing the study and use of Solar Energy in thermal water desalination for the Coal Mining Industry.

Aqua Dyne has received approval to deploy component modules of the JetWater Thermal Desalination system to a site adjacent to Lake Liddell in the Upper Hunter region of New South Wales, Australia. The JetWater Thermal module will be tested and monitored over a three month trial program. The module will be connected to a solar energy system developed and supplied by Solar Heat & Power Pty Ltd of Singleton, NSW Australia. [ more ]

Aqua Dyne is an interesting company and I have been following it on my other stock blog. I haven't officially launched this new webiste yet, but I guess I'm giving you a Beta look at it now :-)

So if your interested in stocks that track Water, please check out my other stock blog: WaterStockBlog.com

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