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February 28, 2005

Millennium Cell and the Dow Chemical Company Announce Joint Development Program

Millennium Cell Inc (MCEL) announced that they have entered into a joint development program to collaborate on the development and commercialization of portable fuel cell systems for use in consumer electronics and military applications. These energy systems will be based upon Millennium Cell's patented Hydrogen on Demand® technology in conjunction with Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells. [ more ]

Beacon Power to Present on Two Flywheel Energy Storage Topics at POWER-GEN Renewable Energy Conference

Beacon Power Corp (BCON) is scheduled to deliver two presentations at conference sessions next week at the 2nd Annual POWER-GEN Renewable Energy Conference and Exhibition, held at the Las Vegas Hilton from March 1-3. Both presentations will focus on the role of flywheel energy storage systems, and Beacon's patented technology in particular, in critical power grid applications. [ more ]

Air Products' Fueling Station Technology to Provide Hydrogen in California for VTA Zero-Emission Buses

Air Products and Chemicals Inc (APD) new fueling station technology, featuring faster-fill hydrogen fueling advancements for fleet buses, will provide hydrogen for three Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) buses in San Jose, California. The three-year program to test the viability of zero-emissions bus (ZEB) technology was officially commissioned today at a kick-off event, as the first VTA zero-emission fuel cell buses were welcomed into operation. [ more ]

February 24, 2005

Intrepid's Biogas Plant Processes First 500,000 Gallons

intrepid_logo.gifIntrepid Technology and Resources, Inc. (IESV) announces that its biogas facility at the Whitesides dairy has processed over 500,000 gallons of manure in its initial month of operation.

The manure has been rendered into irrigation water and fed back into the dairy's lagoons for use during the upcoming irrigation season. The process has proven reliable with improvements already made to the feed and control system. The hydrogen sulfide removal system, which was designed to meet pipeline gas specifications for the contaminant, has performed flawlessly. [ more ]

Millennium Cell to Power Laptop with Hydrogen Energy System at Intel Developer Forum

Millennium Cell Inc (MCEL) announced that it will demonstrate a next generation product prototype to power a notebook PC at the Intel Developer Forum from March 1st through March 3rd at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco.

Improving upon the previous system demonstrated at the Intel Developer Forum last fall, this system combines Millennium Cell's portable hydrogen fuel source technology with a PEM fuel cell to power an IBM X40 ThinkPad notebook PC. The fuel supply is contained in a sealed, single use cartridge similar in size and shape to a traditional battery pack, and the flat-panel passive (high efficiency) fuel cell affixes to the back of the PC's screen. [ more ]

Distributed Energy Systems Corp. Announces its Northern Power Systems Unit Wins Contract to Provide Advanced CHP System for United States Postal Service Facility in San Diego

prtn_logo.gifDistributed Energy Systems Corp (DESC) has been awarded a $3.1 million contract by Honeywell to provide a turnkey on-site combined heat and power (CHP) system for the United States Postal Service (USPS) Margaret L. Sellers Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC) in San Diego, California. The facility is the main mail handling facility for the San Diego district and supports more than 40 post offices within the performance cluster.

The turnkey CHP system will provide 1.5MW of electricity in normal operation; an amount equal to 85% of the Sellers facility's forecasted power requirements. Recovered heat from the engine's exhaust system will be used as input thermal energy for a 300-ton absorption chiller, which will, in turn, provide cooled water to the facility's heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. The new chiller will replace the facility's existing natural gas-fired absorption chiller and eliminate the need to purchase over 165,000 therms of natural gas annually. [ more ]

February 22, 2005

First Chevron Hydrogen Energy Station Unveiled

ChevronTexaco Technology Ventures LLC (CTTV), a subsidiary of ChevronTexaco Corp. (CVX), unveiled its first Chevron Hydrogen energy station today at the Hyundai-Kia America Technical Center in California. [ more ]

ChevronTexaco is working with United Technologies Corporation (UTX) UTC Fuel Cells' equipped demonstration vehicles. At today's grand opening ceremony, racing legend Mario Andretti drove a Hyundai Tucson, equipped with a UTC Fuel Cells' 80-kilowatt, all-weather proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell power plant, to the new hydrogen fueling dispenser. [ more ]

February 17, 2005

Evergreen Solar Introduces Sunplicity Flat Roof Mounting System for EC-100 Series Modules

evergreen_logo.gifEvergreen Solar Inc (ESLR) introduced Sunplicity(TM), an advanced Flat Roof Mounting System (FRMS) designed specifically for use with its EC-100 Series modules.

Geared for large and small solar PV installations on commercial, institutional and government buildings, the Sunplicity FRMS is a non-penetrating, aerodynamic, self-ballasted system that enables faster, easier and more cost-effective PV installations. [ more ]

Ballard Power Systems Announces Significant Advances in Fuel Cell Stack Technology

ballard_logo_B.gifBallard Power (BLDP) announced significant progress in three areas crucial to the commercialization of automotive fuel cell stack technology- freeze start capability, durability and cost reduction - without compromising performance. Ballard scientists and engineers have demonstrated a stack design that can start repeatedly from -20 degrees C (-4 degrees F) and operate for more than 2,000 hours at a substantially reduced cost with no performance tradeoff. [ more ]

Starwood Enters into Agreement with FuelCell Energy and Alliance Power Joint Venture for Hotel Fuel Cell Power Plants

fcel_logo.gifFuelcell Energy Inc (FCEL) and Alliance Power have formed a joint venture, Alliance Star Energy LLC, which has entered into a Master Energy Services Agreement (MESA) with Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. The MESA provides the framework for fuel cell power plant projects for Starwood's hotels and will streamline the process for business opportunities between Starwood and Alliance Star Energy. Initial focus will be in California, but the MESA is open to all of Starwood's hotels and resort properties.

The first project under this MESA is to provide one megawatt of fuel cell power to the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina, the fourth hotel employing FuelCell Energy's 'ultra-clean' Direct FuelCell® (DFC®) technology. Four 250-kilowatt DFC power plants will supply base load electricity for the 1,044-room hotel. The heat byproduct will be used for the hotel's Lagoon Pool. Delivery is expected in the fourth calendar quarter of 2005. [ more ]

February 15, 2005

ITR Receives Alternate Energy Grant

intrepid_logo.gifIntrepid Technology and Resources, Inc. (IESV) has signed a contract with the Idaho Department of Water Resources Energy Office, whereby a $289,000 U.S. Department of Energy grant will be awarded to ITR. The funds will be used to upgrade ITR's Idaho Falls alternative vehicle fuel Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station. Upon completion, the modifications will transform the CNG station to a state-of-the-art Liquid Natural Gas/Compressed Natural Gas (LNG/CNG) public fueling facility. [ more ]

Quantum Awarded U.S. Patent for Transportable Hydrogen Refueling Stations

qtww_logo.gifQuantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc (QTWW) announced that it was awarded a United States patent for portable and transportable hydrogen refueling systems. Quantum's patent covers portable and transportable hydrogen refueling systems that incorporate self-contained hydrogen producing subsystems or accept low pressure hydrogen from external sources, and are capable of compressing and dispensing at either 5,000- or 10,000-psi (35 or 70 MPa). Transportable hydrogen refueling stations play a major role in developing a hydrogen refueling infrastructure, for both commercial and military applications. [ more ]

UQM Technologies Receives Contract From the U.S. Army to Develop Advanced Vehicle Propulsion Motor

UQM_logo.gifUnique Mobility Inc (UQM) announced that it has received a contract from the U.S. Army's Tank -- Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) to develop an advanced vehicle propulsion motor for application as a wheel mounted electric propulsion system for hybrid electric combat vehicles being developed under the Army's Future Combat Systems (FCS) program. The one year development effort will focus on the validation of a proprietary new design for a permanent magnet electric motor that has the potential to triple the torque capability compared to existing UQM(R) propulsion motors. Army funding for the cost-share project is $242,548 or 77 percent of the total effort. [ more ]

FPL Energy's Wind Farms Continue to Have Positive Environmental and Economic Impact

fpl_logo.gifFPL Group Inc (FPL) wind farms continue to help meet the growing need for pollution-free electricity while providing new economic opportunities for local communities and states across the United States. In 2004, FPL Energy's 43 wind farms produced more than 6.6 million megawatt hours of electricity for local utilities, municipalities, power marketers and rural electric cooperatives across the country, or enough power to serve more than 500,000 average homes. FPL Energy estimates that it would have taken the equivalent of 3.8 million tons of coal, or 32,579 train cars of coal, 10.5 million barrels of oil or more than 45.1 billion cubic feet of natural gas, or enough to fill the Louisiana Superdome 360,844 times, to generate the same amount of electricity as its wind farms. [ more ]

February 14, 2005

California Energy Commission Awards Beacon Power $1.2 Million Contract for Major Energy Storage Project

Beacon Power Corp (BCON) announced that it has executed a contract with the California Energy Commission to demonstrate an advanced energy storage solution for frequency regulation and grid stability. At a business meeting on December 1, 2004, the California Energy Commission had given its approval to the project, leading to contract negotiations that have now been finalized. The contract is expected to produce approximately $1.2 million of revenue, with the majority of it in 2005. [ more ]


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Pennsylvania Wind Farms Continue to Have Positive Environmental and Economic Impact

fpl_logo.gifFPL Group Inc (FPL) wind farms continue to help meet the growing need for pollution-free electricity in Pennsylvania while providing new economic opportunities for local communities and the state.

FPL Energy's five Pennsylvania wind farms, with a capacity of 129 megawatts, are capable of generating electricity for nearly 37,000 homes. In 2004, the wind farms offset generation emissions totaling about 192,000 tons of carbon dioxide; nearly 1,400 tons of sulfur dioxide and more than 300 tons of nitrogen oxide. [ more ]

Ener1 Nanotech Unit Prepares to Commercialize Revolutionary Battery Electrodes

ener1_logo.gifENER1 INC (ENEI) has established and equipped a pilot nanotechnology-based manufacturing facility to fabricate electrodes for high discharge rate, lithium-ion batteries. The company's battery subsidiary, EnerDel, Inc., in which Delphi Corporation holds a 19.5% interest, is in discussions with automotive OEMs regarding evaluation of samples for use in hybrid electric vehicles where the high discharge rate characteristic is viewed as key to performance and cost. EnerDel also plans to explore applications of this technology in other markets. [ more ]

Ormat Technologies Secures $25 Million Contract for Geothermal Power Plant in the Azores Islands

Ormat Technologies (ORA) announced that two of its subsidiaries have entered into Supply and Engineering Procurement contracts for a new geothermal power plant to be constructed on Sao Miguel Island in the Azores. The contracts are for a total of 19,151,422 Euro (approximately $25 million), with construction on the power plant expected to be completed within 19 months from the contract date. [ more ]

Electro Energy, Inc. Successfully Integrates Patented Bipolar Battery Technology and Lithium Ion Technology

eeei_logo.gifElectro Energy Inc (EEEI) announced it has successfully integrated its patented bipolar battery design with lithium ion technology to achieve a multi-cell prototype battery with increased discharge efficiency, reduced weight and volume, more flexible design, and lower manufacturing costs.

This achievement combines, for the first time, proven bipolar wafer cell design with gel polymer electrolyte-based lithium ion (Li-ion) technology. The bipolar Li-ion (BP Li-ion) cells have the same positive attributes as Electro Energy's bipolar nickel-metal hydride (BP Ni-MH) design, which typically provides up to 50% more power, 30% lower volume and 25% lower manufacturing costs than competing technologies. [ more ]

February 10, 2005

New York Energy Authority Awards Beacon Power Contract to Demonstrate Flywheel Energy Storage System

Beacon Power Corp (BCON) announced that yesterday it received from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) an executed contract between Beacon Power and NYSERDA under a joint initiative between the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Storage Research Program and NYSERDA, to demonstrate an advanced energy storage solution for frequency regulation and grid stability in New York State. The contract is expected to produce approximately $645,000 of revenue, nearly all of it in 2005. [ more ]

The stock is trading up over 20% today on this news.

Environmental Power Corporation's Microgy Cogeneration Systems, Inc. Subsidiary Signs Project Development Agreement with South-Tex Treaters, Inc.

Environmental Power Corp (EPG) announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Microgy Cogeneration Systems, Inc. ("Microgy"), has entered into a Project Development Agreement with South-Tex Treaters, Inc. of Odessa, Texas ("South-Tex"), which for almost 20 years has been a leader in the gas processing industry.

The agreement provides that Microgy and South-Tex will cooperate to identify, evaluate and develop projects in the United States that combine Microgy's anaerobic digestion technology, which extracts methane-rich biogas from animal waste, and South-Tex's cleaning and compression technologies that can be used to refine biogas to a pipeline-grade methane. [ more ]

February 09, 2005

Intrepid Begins Commercial Use of Bio Gas

intrepid_logo.gifIntrepid Technology and Resources, Inc. (IESV) that the Methane gas being produced at the Whitesides bioreactor located near Rupert, Idaho is now being used as process heat in the anaerobic digester replacing previously utilized expensive propane.

ITR President Dr. Keiser stated, "This is obviously a significant step in demonstrating the commercial viability of our Methane to market technology where clean gas is produced and sold for residential, industrial or transportation applications. This technology and our proprietary processes and this first use of our gas bring us significantly closer to actual gas sales. The hydrogen sulfide equipment is working exceptionally well and the biogas being produced is absolutely odorless after processing." [ more ]

AEC Completes Final Testing of its Demonstration Hydrogen Production Unit

Alternate Energy Corp (ARGY) announced the completion of the second phase of its backup power initiative with the final testing of its beta version demonstration HPU (Hydrogen Production Unit). Last week, the HPU successfully powered the Company's recently converted internal combustion engine (ICE) with its low-cost, on-demand hydrogen.

Over the past several months, AEC has been focused on the building of ICE and fuel cell generator sets to demonstrate to investors and potential customers AEC's hydrogen fuel production capability. AEC's Chairman, Blaine Froats, stated, "AEC's demo unit will prove that an ICE generator can produce electricity using safe, portable and most of all - affordable hydrogen. The ICE generator will use our hydrogen as fuel throughout the demonstration, produced on the spot by AEC's HPU." [ more ]

February 08, 2005

UQM Technologies Receives Order From Delphi Corporation for UQM(R) Motors and Controllers to Drive an Electric Air Conditioning Compressor for Use in a Hybrid Electric Vehicle

UQM_logo.gifUnique Mobility Inc (UQM) announced today that it has received an order from Delphi Corporation (DPH) for UQM(R) motors and motor controllers to drive an electric air conditioning compressor for a hybrid electric vehicle.

"We are pleased that Delphi has selected UQM(R) hardware for their electric air conditioning program. The electrification of under-the-hood auxiliaries, such as air conditioning, provides efficiency, packaging and performance advantages over conventional belt-driven systems, which can contribute to improved fuel economy in an automobile. Our proprietary motors are ideally-suited for these applications, which we believe represent a significant opportunity for our company in both conventional and hybrid electric vehicles," said William G. Rankin, President and Chief Executive Officer of UQM Technologies, Inc. [ more ]

Budget backs coal, hydrogen, nuclear

The Bush administration's budget for fiscal 2006 would provide more dollars to advance the production of domestic energy from coal, hydrogen and nuclear sources.

The president's Hydrogen Fuel Initiative would receive an additional $35 million in funding in fiscal 2006, bringing total funding to $260 million. In 2003, Bush proposed $1.2 billion over five years to further the development of technologies to produce hydrogen and store hydrogen energy.

The budget would also provide $3.6 billion in tax incentives through 2010 to spur renewable energy, as well as hybrid and fuel-cell vehicle purchases. [ more ]

February 07, 2005

Hydrogen Storage Project Moves Ahead as BOC Invests in HERA

Hydrogen Storage Systems Inc. ("HERA"), today announced a significant demonstration of support in its technology with the addition of BOC Group PLC (BOX) as a new shareholder in the Company. HERA is a leading developer of solutions based on its proprietary hydride technology for automotive, transportation and hydrogen distribution applications including hydrogen storage. [ more ]

Beacon Power Announces Major Patents for Flywheel Technology

Beacon Power Corp (BCON) announced that it has recently been awarded a United States patent for the unique design and construction of its composite flywheel rim, and that a few days ago, it received a written notification that another U.S. patent on the rim is to be granted in early February 2005.

The composite rim is a key component of a flywheel energy storage system, as a rim's mass and ability to spin at high speeds have a direct relationship to the amount of energy that can be stored. Beacon Power, a pioneer in this technology, has been able to design and build flywheel systems that deliver the highest amount of stored energy for their size and weight, thanks in part to this critical proprietary knowledge. [ more ]

February 04, 2005

Ormat Technologies Receives the End Customer Final Approval for $16.9 Million Purchase Order for Remote Power Units

Ormat Technologies (ORA) announced that the customer rendered final approval of the Purchase Order valued at approximately $16.9 million, for the supply of 102 remote power units for Communications and Cathodic Protection along a pipeline on the Sakhalin Island in the Russian Federation, as described in the press release dated December 9, 2004, and the Purchase Order became a definitive agreement. [ more ]

ZAP Announces Receipt of $21,000,000 in New Purchase Orders for Smart Car

zap_logo.gifZAP (ZAPZ) received orders from major U.S. automotive dealers at their annual convention, signing purchase orders in excess of $21,000,0000 for the Smart Car Americanized by ZAP.

ZAP is making its debut of the Smart Car to U.S. dealers at the annual National Auto Dealer Association (NADA) Conference and Exposition in New Orleans. CEO Steve Schneider said the purchase orders that ZAP received exceeded their projections. ZAP's goal was to collect new orders totaling $20 million to launch its distribution plans for the Smart Car. The socially responsible, public company based in Northern California has a business plan to establish a nationwide dealer network that caters to fuel-efficient car buyers. [ more ]

Updated: ZAP Smart Car Orders Accelerate to Over $40,000,000 [ more ]

GM, Hydrogenics Demonstrate No-emission, No-compromise Hydrogen-powered Forklift

General Motors of Canada Limited and hygs_logo.gif
Hydrogenics Corp (HYGS) demonstrated that commercially viable hydrogen-powered industrial vehicles are closer to the market than many people think.

Hydrogenics is leading a consortium of partners to develop, demonstrate and move fuel cell-powered forklifts toward commercialization. This is the first time a fuel cell vehicle supported by an onsite hydrogen fuelling station has been demonstrated at a GM facility. This project is being partially funded with a $1.45 million contribution from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC). SDTC is a foundation created by the Government of Canada that operates a $550 million fund to support the development and demonstration of clean technologies that address issues of climate change, clean air, water and soil quality.

FPL Energy and Carlyle/Riverstone Purchase Solar Assets in California

fpl_logo.gifFPL Group Inc (FPL) and affiliates of Carlyle/Riverstone announced today that they have purchased ownership interest for an effective 141 megawatts (MW) of solar power generation in California.

Under terms of the agreement, FPL Energy, along with certain FPL Energy affiliates, and Carlyle/Riverstone purchased majority interest in five 30-megawatt Solar Energy Generating System (SEGS III-VII) assets in the Mojave Desert. FPL Energy will operate the SEGS plants and hold a 45 percent ownership interest in the projects. Carlyle/Riverstone, as co-general partner, will own a 49 percent interest in the projects with the remainder being held by a group of limited partners. All of the power generated from the SEGS projects is sold to Southern California Edison under long-term contracts. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. [ more ]

Biogas Production Exceeds Expectations

intrepid_logo.gifIntrepid Technology and Resources, Inc. (IESV) announces that its biogas facility at the Whitesides dairy has achieved its production goal two months after starting up the plant. The flow of biogas significantly exceeds the 30 cubic feet per minute yield the company had predicted for the two-digester tank system.

This is a significant milestone in the company's business plan. Specifications for gas conditioning equipment, that will bring the Methane to pipeline quality, are now being established based on actual gas yields. Preparations are underway to begin using produced biogas as process heating for the digesters, eliminating the use of expensive natural gas. [ more ]

This penny stock has moved up over 50% in the last couple of days.

February 02, 2005

New Server

If you are seeing this post, that means this website has been successfully moved over to the new server.

As you may (or may not know) I run a hosting business on the side. This website is more of a hobby for me. This is in addition to my REAL fulltime job.

One positive about maintaining this website is it has brought me more clients for my hosting business.

I recently added a new client that is now getting some decent traffic. So I purchased some servers and I'm in the process of relocating all my websites to this new server hardware.

Hopefully this move should provide better service to my AltEnergy investing audience. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be making some additional updates to the website as well. I'm also thinking about breaking up the stock listings into sectors.

Please feel free to comment on this (or any) article and let me know how I'm doing. Just click on the comment link below (signup for TypeKey if you haven't already.) I know from my traffic reports, that there are at least 1,000 of you out there that visit on a regular basis.

All I ask is for some feedback.

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