Monthly Archives: November 2004

Plug Power Expands GenCore Product Line

Plug Power Inc (PLUG) introduced three new product configurations designed specifically for the electric utility substation backup market. The hydrogen-fueled GenCore® 5-kilowatt fuel cell system, designed to provide extended run backup power, is now available with floating ground in 48Vdc, 108Vdc and 120Vdc outputs to meet the unique requirements of electric utility distribution and transmission substations. The Company is accepting orders for the floating ground systems and expects to begin shipments next month. These new configurations complement the 24Vdc positive ground and 48Vdc positive and negative ground GenCore® systems currently available.

Biogas-Fueled MicroTurbine Energy Systems to Debut in India

Capstone Turbine Corp (CPST) has been selected to provide a biogas-to-energy demonstration project in West Bengal, India. The project is expected to be online mid-2005. It will be the first installation of Capstone MicroTurbine(TM) energy systems in India. The project will encompass two new anaerobic digesters (which create biogas from manure), gas pre-treatment equipment, two Capstone C30 systems and a microgrid to export power.

Quantum to Acquire Starcraft Corp.

Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide Inc (QTWW) announced that it has entered into an agreement whereby Quantum will acquire all of the outstanding shares of Starcraft Corporation (STCR) in a stock-for-stock exchange valued at approximately $185 million The combined company will have an extensive range of operational expertise in areas such as vehicle systems design, powertrain engineering, systems integration, validation, assembly and service readiness for traditional vehicles, alternative fuel platforms, and hydrogen-based fuel cell vehicles. QTWW is trading down in the pre-market and STCR is trading up, which is typical when these types of events occur....

Intrepid’s Energy Plant Begins Operation

Intrepid Technology and Resources, Inc. (IESV) has completed all required testing on their bioreactor located at the Whitesides dairy near Rupert, Idaho and have began the process of loading animal waste from the dairy into the twin 35,000 gallon tanks. This is a significant development for this company. The stock is trading up over 10% today on this news. The next milestone is a confirmation of the methane gas output for this plant and if it will meet or exceed projections.

ENDESA Starts up Three New Wind Farms in the Province of Soria for an...

ENDESA (ELE) has started up the Estoncala, Jupiter and Saturno wind farms, located in the north of the province of Soria, in the Sierras of Alba and Montes Claros, near the villages of Santa Cruz de Yanguas, Villar del Rio, Vizmanos, Las Aldehuelas and Arevalo de la Sierra. The three wind farms have a combined installed capacity of 47.2 MW and are equipped with 59 GAMESA AE-56 wind turbines, made in Spain and with a unit capacity of 800 kW each.

Pennsylvania to Generate 3,600 Megawatts of Wind Power by 2016 Due to New Standard

As mentioned in a previous entry, the Pennsylvania legislature passed SB1030, the Alternative Energy Bill, on November 20, 2004 which will require a total of 18% of Pennsylvania's electricity to be generated by alternative energy sources by 2020. The standard requires 8% of Pennsylvania's electricity to be generated by so-called "Tier I" renewable sources of energy by 2020. Tier I resources include solar, wind, geothermal and biomass. The standard also requires 10% of the state's electricity to come from a second category of resources that include waste coal, integrated combined coal gasification technology, municipal solid waste, large-scale hydro,...

Air Products to Expand Texas Plant to Supply Additional Hydrogen to ExxonMobil at Baytown

Air Products and Chemicals Inc (APD) announced today that it will expand its Baytown, Texas facility to produce 70 million standard cubic feet per day of hydrogen. A portion of the hydrogen produced will be supplied to the adjacent ExxonMobil Baytown Refinery under a long-term agreement, with the remainder transported through the Air Products West Gulf Coast hydrogen pipeline system to other customers. Currently this increased production will primarily be used by ExxonMobil for petro-based fuels. The excess will be shipped out to APD's hydrogen pipeline system which could be used for future hydrogen needs.

Stirling Solar Power

Privatly held Stirling Energy Systems is in the news today. This company takes the 19th century Stirling engine and pairs it with a solar collector to generate clean energy. "The Stirling engine makes solar power so much more efficiently than photovoltaic solar cells can," said Robert Liden, chief administrative officer at Stirling Energy Systems Inc. (Phoenix). "That's because the Stirling solar dish directly converts solar heat into mechanical energy, which turns an ac electrical generator." The bottom line, he said, "is that large farms of Stirling solar dishes ��? say, 20,000-dish farms ��? could deliver cheap solar electricity...

Green Energy Resources Announces New Supply Contracts

Green Energy Resources, Inc. (NYIL) announced today that it has signed a new supply contract with Texas Energy Resource Management. Texas Energy has three locations in Eastern Texas including a chip mill facility in Crockett, a recycling facility in Buna and a recycling facility in Houston. This contract will supply approximately 500,000 tons annually of whole tree wood chips. The chips are exclusively for export to other NYIL customers throughout the EU.

Hydrogenics Awarded Custom Test Equipment Contract by QuestAir Technologies

Hydrogenics Corp (HYGS) announces that its wholly owned subsidiary, Greenlight Power Technologies, received a test station contract from QuestAir Technologies to supply three specialized test rigs to support the development of QuestAir's advanced pressure swing adsorption (PSA) products for refinery, petrochemical and industrial applications. PSA technology is utilized by a wide range of industrial applications for purification of such gases as hydrogen, oxygen and helium. Greenlight's test equipment contract, valued at US$615,000, is scheduled for delivery to QuestAir by the end of the first quarter 2005. This contract was included in the backlog cited in Hydrogenics' recent third...

EPA Approves 60-MPG SMART Car, Clears Way for U.S. Sales by ZAP

ZAP (ZAPZ) annouces that after five years on the market in Europe, the 60-MPG SMART car was granted a certificate of conformity by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, clearing the way for U.S. sales.

Beacon Power Delisting Stayed by Nasdaq

Beacon Power Corp (BCON) announced that on November 17 it received a letter dated November 16, 2004 from the Nasdaq Stock Market, stating that the Nasdaq Listing Qualifications Panel has granted the Company an additional 180 days to regain compliance with marketplace Rule 4310(c)(4). What this means is that Beacon is going to do everything in its power to get the stock price back above $1. They had a nice run up to .80 in October but have since fallen back down to the .40 range. Shares in BCON are up 10% today on this reprieve.

WorldWater Contracts to Install California’s First Solar Powered Pumping System for a Public Water...

Worldwater Corp (WWAT)has finalized a contract to install a 57-horsepower solar-powered pumping system at the Idyllwild Water District, in Idyllwild, California. It is the first use of large solar pumps by a water utility and the first use of WorldWater's AquaMax(TM) for this purpose, according to Quentin T. Kelly, WorldWater Chairman and CEO. WorldWater, a full service provider of solar power solutions, will handle all aspects of installation of the $309,000 system.

IdaTech Receives U.S. Department of Energy Award for Development of Off-Road Fuel Cell System

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has selected IdaTech (IDA) for a $1.4 million award to conduct a three-year program of fuel cell system research and development targeting off-road vehicle applications. This is the second DOE award granted to IdaTech in the past 14 months. IDA maybe one of the safest ways to enter the AltE stock market. They have a diversified product line and also a nice dividend which is currently 3.75%.

Hydrogenics Receives Contract From German State to Develop and Demonstrate Fuel Cell Hybrid Bus

Hydrogenics Corp (HYGS) announces that it has been contracted by the Ministry for Transport Energy and State Planning of the State North-Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), Germany, to develop a fully operational electric hybrid 'midi-bus'. The propulsion system of the 17 foot European-manufactured bus platform will be based on Hydrogenics' high performance fuel cell hybrid design that integrates HyPM® power module technology. Also under the terms of the contract, Hydrogenics will supply full scale testing and select demonstrations in NRW. The contract is a cost share arrangement in which NRW will fund 50% of the project cost up to euro 566,000...

Fuel Cell Firm Guns For Military Money

An article written by David Redstone at discusses Medis Technologies Ltd. (MDTL) and its plans to work with General Dynamics to supply portable fuel cells to the military market. David believes investors in Medis Technologies will be rewarded with gains of 25% in the next 12 to 24 months.