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July 31, 2004

‘Hydrogen economy’ is a ruse—all hype, no hope

An editorial article from South Carolina's expresses concern for funding for Fuel Cell research. The guess columnist expresses his concerns and feels that they would be better served looking at Biomass alternatives.

An abstract of this opinion article is show below, with a link to the full story.

A growing group of distinguished scientists sees the “hydrogen economy� as a ruse � a distraction from the much more viable alternative of biofuels. Nor has the hydrogen illusion escaped the notice of astute investors, as the major fuel-cell companies have seen their share prices drop by half over the past four months from what were already severely depressed values. [ full story at ]

Since we are investing in both, we are still not concerned about a move towards Biomass alternatives. He is also missing one point in his editorial. These Biomass fuels can also be used to generate Hydrogen for our fuel stacks.

July 30, 2004

Honda to Launch New Fuel Cell Car in N. America Late 2004

hondafcx.jpgJapan's Honda Motor Co. said Thursday it will start sales of a fuel cell vehicle equipped with a cell stack capable of operating at subzero temperatures in North America in the second half of this year. [ full story at ]

The Honda fuel cells utilize the Ballard Power (BLDP) fuel cell stacks for their fuel cell equipped vehicles.

Biological Drive: One man's quest to put corn in your car

AutoWeek has an article about one man's quest to travel the entire United States using anything but gasoline to power his variety of alternative fuel vehicles. Featured are bio-diesel Hummers and RVs, a solar-powered canoe, and an poop-powered scooter

[ full story at ]

July 29, 2004

Clean Electricity From Sugar Cane Using Fuel Cell Technology

intelligent_energy_logo.jpgIntelligent Energy Inc., a leading energy solutions business, today announces that it has successfully completed trials of its ethanol based fuel cell technology system. These trials show that sufficient electricity can be generated for a rural home from equipment little larger than a shoebox, using fuel derived from sugar cane. [ full press release ]

Kerry's High-Wattage Energy Plan discusses John Kerry's plan to increase alternative energy usage for the country.

John Kerry's blueprint for energy independence doesn't suffer from lack of ambition. In early August, he'll unveil an energy plan that he says can break America's addiction to foreign oil, revitalize the U.S. auto industry, help farmers and coal miners, fight global warming, and create jobs -- all for just $2 billion per year. "We can live in an America that is energy independent," Kerry promises. [ full story at ]

July 28, 2004

Hydrogenics Signs New Agreement With John Deere to Advance the Commercialization of Fuel Cells

Hydrogenics Corp (HYGS) announced that it has entered into a five-year agreement with Deere & Company (DE) to continue research and development efforts in the use of hydrogen and fuel cells in commercial vehicles. The five-year agreement incorporates both qualitative and quantitative commitments, and builds on the success of earlier joint projects involving the integration of Hydrogenics' HyPM(TM) fuel cell power module technology into Deere vehicles. [ more ]

GE expects $1 billion a year in solar sales

Citing recent success in alternative power, GE Energy, a subsidiary of General Electric Co (GE) is hoping to boost its solar energy sales to $1 billion annually by the end of the decade, the head of GE's solar business said. [ more ]

FuelCell Energy and LOGANEnergy to Sell Direct FuelCell(R) Power Plants

fcel_logo.gifFuelcell Energy Inc (FCEL) and LOGANEnergy Corp have joined forces to develop and sell commercial fuel cell power plants, with a focus on megawatt-class systems.

The two companies have signed a Market Development Agreement whereby FuelCell Energy will provide the power plants along with related engineering and technical support. LOGAN will contribute its expertise in developing fuel cell power plants for commercial and industrial customers, along with site-specific duties such as permitting, utility interconnections and power plant installation. [ more ]

July 26, 2004

ReliOn Selects Fuel Cell Product Manufacturer

relion.jpgReliOn, the leading provider of high reliability fuel cell solutions for backup power applications, announced that Celestica Inc (CLS), a world leader in electronics manufacturing services (EMS), will serve as EMS provider for ReliOn's fuel cell products going forward. [ more ]

ReliOn is a privately funded Washington corporation. However, as their business grows, their OEM partners will grow as well.

July 21, 2004

Pacific Fuel Cell Corp. Announces United States Department of Energy STTR Award

Pacific Fuel Cell Corp (PFCE)announced that it has been selected by the United States Department of Energy for a Phase I STTR (Small Business Technology Transfer) grant. The intended start date is September 1, 2004. [ more ]

I can't seem to find a website for Pacific Fuel Cell corp. I can't believe a publicly held company doesn't have a website. Post a comment if you can find it.

Medis Technologies Awarded New Fuel Patent for Fuel Cell Products

mdtl_logo.gifMedis Technologies Ltd. (MDTL) announced today that it has been issued a new patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (U.S. Patent #6,758,871 "Liquid Fuel Compositions for Electrochemical Fuel Cells") for its proprietary fuel. This is the third U.S. patent issued with respect to the fuel used in Medis' proprietary fuel cell technology and this patent relates to the composition of that fuel. Additional patents that cover other aspects of the fuel and its use in Medis' fuel cell are still pending. [ more ]

July 16, 2004

US to halt nuclear fusion project

The US is halting its own national nuclear fusion energy project and is joining the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) project team to find a way to use neclear fusion as an inexhaustible and clean energy source. [ more ]

July 15, 2004

Intrepid Prepares to Sell Gold Mine

intrepid_logo.gifIntrepid Technology and Resources, Inc. (IESV) a renewable energy company announced today that they have begun to evaluate various proposals to purchase their gold property at Garnet, Montana. [ full release ]

The sale of this gold property will give Intrepid additional capital to concentrate fully on its biofuel business.

July 14, 2004

SatCon Receives over $1.0 Million in New Fuel Cell Electronics Orders

satcon_logo.gifSatCon Technology Corporation(R) (SATC), a manufacturer of electronic power control systems, today announced that its Power Systems division in Canada received new purchase orders this month totaling in excess of $1.0 million for its fuel cell Power Conditioning Units (PCU's). Delivery of the units is scheduled during this calendar year. [ full story ]

Satcon currently trades at 4x book value and is currently testing a key support level around $2.00.

Ford Research Vehicle Points the Way Towards Viable Fuel Cell Technology

Ford engineers have equipped the Ford Focus C-MAX with a prototype hydrogen internal combustion engine (H2 ICE). The vehicle was unveiled on July 12th at the Research Conference of the German Car Manufacturer Association (VDA) in Stuttgart, which was attended by the German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder. [ full story at ]

The Ford fuel cell team has been using the Ballard Power (BLDP) fuel cell stacks for their line of fuel cell cars.

July 09, 2004

Homemade Bio-Diesel Maker In A Taxing Situation

An Eastern Iowan made his own fuel to save money, but now the state says not so fast. The state wants to make sure it doesn't miss out on its tax money...

...The tax would be 22 and a half cents a gallon. The same as diesel. He makes anywhere from five to twenty gallons of biodiesel a month. At the most, it would mean an additional four dollars to the state each month. Toal-Rossi says, "I'm not opposed to paying the tax, it's really the paperwork that's more of a hassle for me." [ full story ]

Never underestimate the inefficiency of the government. In Maryland, they give you a tax break (courtesy of the Soy Bean farmer lobby) for the use of Bio Fuels. This is one issue that needs to be addressed at the Federal level if we ever hope to ease our reliance on foreign oil.

July 08, 2004

Chrysler, Ford Boost Investment in Fuel-Cell Maker (Update4) has the following article on Ballard Power (BLDP)

DaimlerChrysler AG and Ford Motor Co. agreed to invest $100 million in Ballard Power Systems Inc., the biggest maker of fuel cells for automobiles, and restructure their alliance with the money-losing company to speed up development of the alternative energy devices. [ full story ]

In the article there is an interesting quote from Ballard's CEO.

"We think we have a line of sight now to a commercial product in the early part of the next decade... There no question that fuel cells will replace piston engines."

FuelCell Energy to provide 250-kilowatt Fuel Cell Power Plant for Democratic National Convention

fcel_logo.gifFuelCell Energy, Inc. (FCEL), a leading manufacturer of stationary fuel cell power plants for distributed generation, today announced that it will be providing a 250-kilowatt Direct FuelCell(R) (DFC(R)) power plant as part of a temporary distributed generation micro-grid for the Democratic National Convention to be held at the Fleet Center in Boston July 26-29, 2004. The Company's DFC300A power plant will operate on natural gas supplied by Keyspan Energy and will be combined with generators to provide power for the Fleet Center and media stations. FuelCell Energy's DFC power plant, which generates electricity electrochemically and without combustion, will produce 99.9 percent less harmful air pollution and 59 percent less carbon dioxide than traditional combustion-based fossil fuel power plants, and will use half as much fuel per kilowatt hour of electricity than conventional power plants. [ more ]

July 06, 2004

IdaTech Signs Italian Agent for Fuel Cell Systems

idacorp_logo.gifIDACORP (IDA) is a holding company that has businesses in electrical generation, financial services, and telecommunications services. The IdaTech division that focuses on production of fuel cell systems has recently signed an Italian firm to represent them in the Italian market.

Press Release Monday June 28, 8:00 am ET
IdaTech has entered into an agency agreement with Italian energy engineering firm, RENCO S.p.A (RENCO) for the market development and distribution of IdaTech's fuel cell systems and hydrogen generation products. [ more ]

IDA is a well run utility paying a 4% dividend. They have recently crossed back over their 50 day moving average and they are currently trading at book value. Even though this company is not 100% in the Alternative Energy space, they have a firm footing for future growth and the backend holdings help to keep the stock's value as you wait. The dividend doesn't hurt either. This company is currently on my watch list for purchase in the near future.

$18.4 Million Funding Round Positions PolyFuel for Portable Fuel Cell Market Launch

pf_logo_sm.gifPolyFuel announced additional funding for their portable fuel cell technology. They are currently a privately held company backed by several venture capital firms. I'm keeping this company on my radar screen because these venture firms will eventually want to take this company public.

Here is an excerpt from this most recent PR announcement. Click the link to read the full press release.

PolyFuel, Inc., the world leader in membrane technology for portable fuel cells, today announced it has closed an $18.4 million, third round of funding, bringing total investment in the 5-year-old startup to approximately $40 million. This round, led by CDP Capital - Private Equity includes existing investors Mayfield, Ventures West, Technology Partners, Intel Capital, and Chrysalix Energy as well as new investors Conduit Ventures Limited, KTB Ventures, Hotung Venture Partners, Yasuda Enterprise Development, and BiNEXT, a part of the Daesung Group. [ full press release ]

July 05, 2004

Arotech Zinc-Air Battery Named One of the US Army's 'Great Inventions of the Year'

artx_logo.gifArotech Corporation (ARTX) announced today that the BA-8180 Zinc Air battery -- developed by Arotech's Battery and Power Systems Division - has been designated as one of the "Greatest Army Inventions" of the past year. The ten winning teams will be recognized June 23 by the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command. [ full story ]

Arotech is primarily a defense contractor. However, they are a lead contractor for the Military looking at Alternative Energy resources.

July 01, 2004

Why Alternative Energy Stocks

Are Alternative energy stocks the Microsoft of the future? If you invested $1,000 in MSFT back in 1986 your investment would now be worth over $300,000. If you really believed in the Personal Computing industry you could have also invested in companies like Intel, Apple, and Cisco at bargain basement prices.

That is the potential for catching the starting wave of new technology.

The question still remains, are alternative energy stocks poised for such tremendous growth?

I believe that in the next five to ten years, investments in companies that are building alternative energy resources will be the next Microsoft success story.

Just look at the following trends:

  • The dependence on foreign oil and the geo-political strife that is associated with it has put a strain on many of the oil producing nations.
  • The rising cost of gasoline for your car has hit your wallet.
  • The rising cost of home heating and the limited availability of new natural gas reserves has increased your home heating costs. There has also been a corresponding jump in usage of natural gas which will propel natural gas prices further.
  • The increase in the number of gadgets in your life that requires electric power has increased electrical consumption.
  • The importance of keeping our environment clean for future generations. Otherwise this biosphere called Earth will soon be uninhabitable.

Why are major corporations like General Motors, Toyota, Hitachi, and General Electric starting entire divisions and investing millions of dollars in alternative energy? They see an excellent investment opportunity. And so do I.

There have been many stories about the new Hydrogen economy. Many of these stories and articles are profiled at this website. However, the typical investor is looking for short term gains and has a six month time horizon. Investing in these companies requires a longer term time horizon. I'm talking years, not months. But I feel your small investments in these companies now, can pay great dividends for your portfolio in the long term.

The companies that can establish a foothold in this emergent market now, can be the future growth companies in the next decade.

On the negative side, Wall Street doesn't currently believe in most alternative-energy companies. Right now most of these companies are at historic lows. There is also fear that the current political administration will do everything in its power to make sure the Oil and Car companies are happy.

But you need to keep in mind that when the crowd's not paying attention, opportunities often arise. In many cases these alternative energey stocks trade for less than the cash on their balance sheets. So right now may be the best time to start owning these stocks, before everyone else does.

How the Hydrogen Economy Works

One of the major movers in the Alternative Energy sector are stocks that pertain to Hydrogen production and conversion into energy. You can learn more about the Hydrogen economy at the excellent How Stuff Works website using the following link: How the Hydrogen Economy Works.

How Hybrid Cars Work

You can learn about Hybrid Cars at the excellent How Stuff Works website using the following link: How Hybrid Cars Work.

How Fuel Cells Work

Before you invest in a technology, you should learn how that technology works. You can learn about Fuel Cells at the excellent How Stuff Works website using the following link: How Fuel Cells Work

They also have a good description of How Fuel Processors Work.

How Solar Cells Work

You can learn about Solar Energy at the excellent How Stuff Works website using the following link:How Solar Cells Work

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