Ten Clean Energy Stocks of 2022/3 – July Returns

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Here are the numbers.  I hope to write some market commentary to go with them soon.

Disclosure: Long all the stocks in the 10 Clean Energy Stocks model portfolio.


  1. Yeah, sorry for ghosting you and everyone. Here’s the short version of the market commentary: I’m feeling optimistic for my high income clean energy stocks. I think downside risks have already mostly played out, and there is lots of potential for a rebound. I can’t talk specific stocks because I keep getting new money in my fund and am buying the ones I like best, plus others just to keep the allocations.

    • What about talk on specific stocks that you no longer like best? Take NETI – what does it look like? (I’m starting to sell, perhaps prematurely, now that it has partially recovered.)

      • I can’t talk about anything I’m selling, either. If I’m not trading a stock, that usually means that I don’t have an opinion. The only example of such a stock which I have written about in the past is EVA… I’ve become less comfortable with their environmental attributes so I reduced my holding in the fall and am no longer following it closely. I’ll probably get rid of the rest of the position in the next couple years but am not in a hurry to do so. As the stocks in the list, if I chose to update only on the ones I am not trading, that would implicitly tell you which ones I am trading. And the list is the 10 stocks I thought would do best in the next year (for the current list that is Jul 1 22 to Jun 30 23. .) NETI wasn’t in that list, but mostly because I thought the timeline might be longer. I wish I had included it. This is not the same thing as the stocks I like best, especially six months later.


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