Stock Picking For Green Investors (Presentation)

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Here is a short presentation on stock picking for green investors by AltEnergyStocks Editor Tom Konrad CFA, Ph.D., with a couple stock picks.  I gave this presentation as part of a workshop on divestment from fossil fuels and investment in green stocks at the third annual Climate Solutions Summit.  The Divestment part is here.

Climate Solutions Summit


  1. Tom,
    Thanks for the post. I agree GLGI has an interesting valuation. I had 2 consideration. First, I am not familiar with the industry, but I suppose it would not be too difficult to refinance their 2021 debt position given their current cash flows.
    Second, their massive insider ownership is concerning me. For an investor it requires a good knowledge of the management team. What is your view on their insider ownership

    • In my mind, insider ownership is a a big plus. It means the insiders are putting their money where their mouth is.

      I’m not familiar with the industry, except for a long show I heard on a podcast about another innovator in the industry CHEP: Based on that, I know that the industry is generally very local and low tech, so there are not a lot of barriers to entry to a new entrant with innovative products if those products deliver better value to customers.

      But the main thing for me is that the company is currently profitable and growing. With the current valuation, there’s no barrier to the stock doubling or tripling just based on a little investor attention, or if a larger company (like CHEP, for instance) decided to buy it. Or it could just muddle on for years… I would not rec putting more than 1% of a portfolio in this. For myself, I’m at something like 0.2%… it’s more something to keep me occupied while valuations in most other stocks are crazy than something that will make a real difference in my portfolio’s returns.


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