Stuart Energy Systems Corporation: Hydrogen Station Opens at DTE Energy Hydrogen Technology Park

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stuartenergy_logo.gifStuart Energy Systems Corp (SRNYF) announced that its customer, DTE Energy has officially opened a hydrogen fueling station in Southfield, Michigan as part of the Hydrogen Technology Park. The Stuart Energy Station (SES) was opened today by Anthony F. Earley Jr., Chairman and CEO of DTE Energy. The SES-f provides high-purity hydrogen fuel to vehicles as well as fuel cells that utilize hydrogen to generate electricity. The project is intended to provide critical insight into the role of hydrogen in the world’s energy system and illustrates the environmental and energy security benefits derived from using hydrogen as a fuel. Using the principle of water electrolysis, the SES-f separates water into its constituent elements, hydrogen and oxygen. The system allows hydrogen to be safely produced, stored and delivered on-site, all using local resources. [ more ]