And the Winners Are…

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The results of last week’s poll:

Answer Text Votes %
Lithium Technology Corp (LTHU) – Batteries 64 14%
Evergreen Solar (ESLR) – Solar PV 62 13%
US Geothermal (HTM) – Geothermal 61 13%
Ocean Power Tech (OPTT) – Wave Power 49 11%
Electro Energy (EEEID) – Batteries 49 11%
China Wind Systems (CWSI.OB) – Wind Turbine Parts 47 10%
AAER Inc. (AAERF) – Wind 30 6%
Carmanah Technologies (CMHXF) – Off Grid Solar/LED 30 6%
SolarFun Power Holdings (SOLF) – Solar PV 29 6%
Satcon Technologies (SATC) – Power Conversion 25 5%
OM Group (OMG) – Hydrogen Catalysts 19 4%

Stay tuned for articles on Lithium Technology Corp, Evergreen Solar, and US Geothermal.  I have not previously researched any of these in depth, so I’m as curious as the rest of you.


  1. One conclusion I can draw from the comments above… there’s a lot of controversy about LTHU. I plan to approach it with an open mind. The controversy does make the company seem more interesting.


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