Poll Question: Alternative Energy: Safe Haven or Time Bomb?

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This poll opened Aug 16, 2007 and closed Aug 18, 2007

Since it peaked at 569.12 on July 13, the Nasdaq Clean Edge US Total Return index (^CLNX) has fallen 17.5% to 470, compared with a 12.0% drop for the S&P 500.  Part of this decline is that alternative energy companies tend to be smaller and more speculative than members of the S&P, but despite the greater riskiness (at least when defined as market sensitivity, or Beta), at least one of our readers thinks "our chance to avoid the bear market and worse" lies in the alt energy space.  What do you think?

How is Alternative Energy likely to fare if the downturn continues?
Alt Energy will rise as the market stumbles.  24% (9 votes)
Alternative Energy will fare much worse than the market as a whole.  24% (9 votes)
It depends on the Alternative Energy sector.  18% (7 votes)
Alternative Energy will be hurt, but not as much as the general market.  16% (6 votes)
People who try to predict market or sector moves are fooling themselves.  13% (5 votes)
Alternative Energy will move in line with the general market.  5% (2 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 38


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