Watch Out For Nissan

An interesting short piece in Wired's Autopia discussing Nissan's 2007 Altima Hybrid. This is interesting because it is available now and at a reasonable price, and so the impact on company sales can be measured in the short term. I'm always wary of announcements involving technologies (let alone mass production) that are years away. This harks back to the idea of bridge, or transition, technologies. Companies that are finding ways to make money from existing technologies while still keeping eye on promising future technologies are worth keeping on the radar.

FedEx Expands Low Emission Vehicle Program to New York

The FedEx OptiFleet E700 hybrid electric vehicles began delivering packages on routes in the New York metropolitan area following an agreement with NYSERDA to demonstrate the viability of lower-emission hybrid powertrains in heavy-duty vehicles. The roll out took place today at a FedEx facility on 48th Street and 12th Avenue in Manhattan. "New York City is a dynamic economy with many trucks on its streets essential to keep commerce moving, so it is important that we continue to develop innovative solutions to reduce vehicle emissions," said John Formisano, Vice President of Global Vehicles, FedEx Express. "Today's roll-out not...

ZAP Car Certified by Executive Order

ZAP (ZAPZ) announced that the California state's Air Resources Board has certified its ZAP WORLDCAR(TM) as a "Zero-Emission Vehicle." The Air Resources Board has certified the 2005 Model Year ZAP WORLDCAR (NEV) and the ZAP WORLDCAR (Utility EV). The certification allows ZAP vehicles to be licensed and sold in the State of California. The certification also gives the purchaser access to incentives created for drivers of Zero-Emission vehicles. Drivers can qualify for a special Zero-Emission Vehicle parking decals that allow them to park and refuel at designated recharging parking spaces, as well as preferred locations at airports, shopping...

Wind-Rail Convergence?

Taking a study break, I happened to see an article in the Denver Post bringing together two of my favorite clean energy themes: Efficient transport, and wind power. Rail transport has become essential to delivering windpower across the country. The full article is here: Rolling With the Wind.

ABC’s ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ Requests ZAPPY3 Electric Scooter for October 10 Episode

ZAP (ZAPZ) announced today that its newest model received a casting-call while ABC's Emmy-nominated show "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" was in the neighborhood. The episode in which Extreme Makeover requested the ZAPPY3 is scheduled to air on Sunday, October 10th at 8 p.m. Pacific Time on ABC. The cast and crew heard about ZAP's new 3-wheeled electric scooter while filming an episode near Santa Rosa where ZAP is Headquartered and requested a couple of scooters for the shoot. ZAP says that the production crew along with host Ty Pennington found the silent-running scooter useful for their location work....

Cleantech Investing – Aspirations vs. Economics

John Petersen In a November 2008 thematic report, The Sixth Revolution: The coming of Cleantech, Merrill Lynch strategist Steven Milunovich identified cleantech as the sixth technological revolution. He borrowed his definition from Lux Research which describes cleantech as "the universe of innovative technologies designed to optimize the use of natural resources and reduce environmental impact" and warned that "investors must pay attention because cleantech could revolutionize much of the economy, including the utility, oil and gas and auto industries." The six technological revolutions Milunovich identified were: 1771 The Industrial Revolution ...

UQM Technologies Receives Contract From the U.S. Army to Develop Advanced Vehicle Propulsion Motor

Unique Mobility Inc (UQM) announced that it has received a contract from the U.S. Army's Tank Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) to develop an advanced vehicle propulsion motor for application as a wheel mounted electric propulsion system for hybrid electric combat vehicles being developed under the Army's Future Combat Systems (FCS) program. The one year development effort will focus on the validation of a proprietary new design for a permanent magnet electric motor that has the potential to triple the torque capability compared to existing UQM(R) propulsion motors. Army funding for the cost-share project is $242,548 or 77...

SatCon delivers HEV Components for Azure Dynamics built Hybrid Electric Vehicle

SatCon Technology Corporation (SATC) announced that its first deliveries of its new line of hybrid electric auxiliary components have been incorporated into Azure Dynamics Corporation's (TSX: AZD, AIM: ADC) electric and hybrid electric vehicles ("HEVs").

Hybrid Technologies Begins Construction of the Hybrid Living Home

Li-ion Motors. (HYBT) and its subsidiaries - R-Electric Car Co., Global Hybrid Corp., Solium Power Corp., and WhistlerTel - emerging leaders in the development and marketing of Lithium-powered and VoIP products worldwide is pleased to announce that construction has begun on the Hybrid Living Home, an engineering and eco-space showcase developed by Hybrid Technologies.

Toyota to build hybrid Camrys in Kentucky

Toyota Motor will begin producing a hybrid version of its popular Camry mid-sized sedan at a plant in Kentucky in late 2006, the automaker said. The hybrid version of the Camry perennially among the top-selling US automobiles will be the Japanese automaker's fifth gasoline-electric vehicle.

Toyota Says It May Put Gas-Electric Engines in All Its Vehicles

Toyota said it's aiming to increase hybrid production by 60 percent in 2006 and will cut costs and prices to make them more affordable. "In the future, the cars you see from Toyota will be 100 percent hybrid,'' Toyota Executive Vice President Kazuo Okamoto said in Frankfurt, declining to give a time for achieving the target. "We believe that in 10 years the world will be filled with hybrids.''

ZAP Announces Receipt of $21,000,000 in New Purchase Orders for Smart Car

ZAP (ZAPZ) received orders from major U.S. automotive dealers at their annual convention, signing purchase orders in excess of $21,000,0000 for the Smart Car Americanized by ZAP. ZAP is making its debut of the Smart Car to U.S. dealers at the annual National Auto Dealer Association (NADA) Conference and Exposition in New Orleans. CEO Steve Schneider said the purchase orders that ZAP received exceeded their projections. ZAP's goal was to collect new orders totaling $20 million to launch its distribution plans for the Smart Car. The socially responsible, public company based in Northern California has a business plan...

UQM Technologies Receives Order From Delphi Corporation for UQM(R) Motors and Controllers to Drive...

Unique Mobility Inc (UQM) announced today that it has received an order from Delphi Corporation (DPH) for UQM(R) motors and motor controllers to drive an electric air conditioning compressor for a hybrid electric vehicle. "We are pleased that Delphi has selected UQM(R) hardware for their electric air conditioning program. The electrification of under-the-hood auxiliaries, such as air conditioning, provides efficiency, packaging and performance advantages over conventional belt-driven systems, which can contribute to improved fuel economy in an automobile. Our proprietary motors are ideally-suited for these applications, which we believe represent a significant opportunity for our company in both...

UQM Technologies Delivers Hybrid Electric Vehicle to Deere & Company Incorporating Recent Advances in...

Unique Mobility Inc (UQM) announced today that it has delivered to Deere & Company (NYSE: DE - News) a John Deere hybrid electric concept vehicle incorporating both of the latest advancements to UQM(R) propulsion system technology, 10 to 1 constant power speed ratio and full wave commutation technology. Constant power speed ratio (CPSR) is the ratio between the top speed of a motor and its base speed. Across this speed range, a motor is able to deliver maximum power. The Company's permanent magnet electric propulsion systems achieve a 10 to 1 CPSR.

Toyota to Double Hybrid Allocation to U.S.

Toyota Motor Corp., Japan's top automaker, said Thursday it will double the allocation of Prius hybrid cars for the U.S. market in 2005, part of a companywide goal to sell 300,000 gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles worldwide by the end of next year. Toyota said the announcement coincides with the sale of its 100,000th Prius in the United States, where they went on sale in the summer of 2000.
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