3 EVs in the News: The Week In Cleantech: 6-15-2012

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Tom Konrad and Jeff Siegel

June 18: Is First Wind’s New Joint Venture Worth $3 Billion?

JS: First Wind Holdings, LLC (First Wind) and Emera Inc. (TSX: EMA) announced today the closing of their transaction to jointly own and operate wind energy projects in the Northeast U.S. through a new company called Northeast Wind Partners.  More here.

June 19: Rio Earth Summit Looks Unlikely to Mend Broken Promises

TK: The optimism of 20 years ago has been replaced by disillusionment and an uncertain future.  More here.

June 20: Renewable Energy Industry Pushes Back Against Bad Press

TK: The American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) launched a new resource to counter misinformation about energy.  ACORE and its members will respond to news items on EnergyFactCheck.org and @EnergyFactCheck on Twitter.  More here and here.

June 21: CTA Orders First Battery Electric buses from New Flyer

TK: The two buses will be used in a Chicago Transit Authority pilot program to determine how they perform in Chicago’s cold climate.  The New Flyer (TSX:NFI, OTC:NFYEF) will be based on the company’s light Excelsior chassis and feature traction drives from Siemens (NYSE:SI).

June 22: Tesla Launches the Model S: Make or Break?

TK: The first Tesla (NASD:TSLA) model S will be delivered today.  There has been much speculation this week about its likely success or failure, and what it will do to the company’s stock.  But around the world in China, officials confirmed that Kandi Technologies (NASD:KNDI) will be part of the City of Hangzhou’s 20,000 vehicle rental program.  Already profitable from selling off-road vehicles, there’s no question about EVs breaking Kandi, and making large profits on mini-EVs in China is looking more certain by the day.  More here.

    TK: Long NFYEF, KNDI. 
    JS: No positions.

Jeff Siegel is Editor of Energy and Capital.
Tom Konrad Ph.D. CFA is Editor of AltEnergyStocks.com, and a blogger on Forbes.com.


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