Introducing EV Insights: In-Depth Analysis of Challenges and Opportunities in Vehicle Electrification

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John Petersen

After months of planning, I’m pleased to announce the launch of EV Insights, an Internet site dedicated to in-depth analysis of the challenges and opportunities in vehicle electrification and other cleantech sectors. My partners in this project are Jack Lifton, a highly regarded expert in the fields of rare earth metals, mining and extractive industries, and Dr. Gareth Hatch, a thought leader in the field of permanent magnet materials, components and their end uses in motors and power generation systems.

In coming months we will offer a series of wide-ranging and probing interviews, conversations and debates with experts, industry professionals and executives from a variety of industrial sectors and companies that will play key roles in vehicle electrification and other emerging cleantech sectors. Our goal is to go beyond happy-talk headlines and advocacy and drill down into the more difficult issues of supply chains, technical maturity, sustainability and end-user value. We hope our discussions will give serious investors an edge by increasing their understanding of how these issues will shape and ultimately dominate the sixth industrial revolution, the age of cleantech.

We don’t know all the answers, but we have a pretty good feel for the important questions. We hope to learn by listening to people who know more than we do and asking hard questions that never make it into press releases, company presentations and the mainstream media. We’re certain that our conversations will have more balanced, informative and probing content than we could ever squeeze into a blog.

Our kickoff conversation is one Jack and I recorded in October that discusses the challenges and opportunities in the battery sector. The recording and transcript are available without charge to visitors who are willing to part with their name and e-mail address.

EV Insights may eventually become a subscription service if initial user feedback is positive, but for now it’s just an experiment. We truly hope you’ll volunteer as a lab rat by visiting us at and taking our first conversation on the battery sector for spin around the block.

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