The Week in Cleantech, September 1-6, 2008: Solar also Rises; Batteries are Something to Crow About

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In Solar,

New Energy Finance told us that Spain had raised the cap on new solar capacity, but not enough to appease critics.

Ucilia Wang at Greentech Media brought us analysts’ picks for 2009’s winning Solar stocks, but they didn’t mention Sharp (SHCAY.PK), which GoodCleanTech told us had developed a technique to halve silicon wafer costs.

In Clean Transportation,

Autoblog Green brought us Insight into Honda’s new Global Hybrid.  And Autoboog Green also told us GM’s Lutz was bragging about the Volt’s "flawless" batteries, GoodCleanTech introduced Mazda’s plans for a rival.

Treehugger told us that while Oslo was ramping up chargin stations, Th!nk can’t build cars fast enough to meet demand.

In Energy Storage,

The Next Big Future told us that Nickel-Zinc batteries pack more punch than NiMH, but are much cheaper than Lithium-ion, and Treehugger told us of New Jersey’s big investment in Compressed Air Energy Storage.

In Biofuels,

Biofuel Review described New Zealand’s new law to promote sustainable biofuels, but brought word to another biofuel IPO that couldn’t be sustained.

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