RSS Feeds for CleanTech News and Alt Energy Stocks

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In June, we launched CleanTech News which generates the top headlines in the cleantech world by automatically by scanning over 240 cleantech blogs and news sources. Today we are launching an RSS feed for CleanTech News. The aim of this feed is to allow you to track what is happening in the cleantech world through a single feed. Tom and Charles have been using the CleanTech News feed for some time and they have also been providing feedback which has been used to improve the application that generates CleanTech News. Both Tom and Charles, who are voraciaous consumers of cleantech information, have found CleanTech News to be very useful. We are confident that you will agree and encourage you to sign up for CleanTech News and give it a try. We are also now using the FeedBurner service to distribute and track the RSS feed for Alt Energy Stocks. If you are currently following our site through RSS, please take a moment to switch over to the new feed at Alt Energy Stocks. Feedburner will give us aggregate information about our subscribers and readership and this will help us better serve your needs. Your old feed may work for sometime, but we will likely discontinue those feeds at some point so we do encourage you to switch over now. As always, we welcome your comments and feedback.


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