A Welcome to Our New Editor: Tom Konrad

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I am happy to announce that Tom Konrad has joined Alt Energy Stocks as an Editor. You may already be familiar with Tom’s writing at EE/RE Investing and his professional services at TomKonrad.com. Tom Konrad is an independent investment advisor and financial analyst specializing in renewable energy and energy efficiency companies. He has a Ph.D. in mathematics from Purdue University, and is a level II candidate for the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. He serves as Treasurer for both the Colorado Renewable Energy Society and Ratepayers United Colorado. In the short time Tom has been with us, he has has produced two excellent pieces – one on biodiesel and the other on renewable energy income trusts. These posts demonstrate the wealth of his experience, knowledge and insight. We are glad to have him join us as an editor and we look forward to sharing more of his work with you.


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