Internal Hydro International Inc. Announces Purchase Contract of $2,250,000 for 100 Energy Units and Follow On Revenues

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Internal Hydro International Inc. (IHDR) announces that the Company has entered into a purchase agreement with El Tigre Development Inc. (ETIG) for the purchase of 100 Energy Commander Units. The purchase price of the 100 units will be $2,250,000.00 for placement by ETIG in the United States and elsewhere. The agreement calls for IHDR and ETIG to share in revenue generated from each unit beyond the purchase price. The Energy Commander technology uses IHDR’s patented low impact hydro technology utilizing water or gas flow from any source where pressure is present. The technology uses water or gas pressure from man made sources such as industrial or municipal flows, or natural sources such as streams or rivers wherever pressure is present and wasted. IHDR is now entering into the deployment phase of units under its business plan. [ more ]