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10 clean energy stocks for 2020- total return through March.

Ten Clean Energy Stocks for 2020: Trades

by Tom Konrad Ph.D., CFA Four weeks ago, I predicted that the 12% market correction we had seen would turn into a true bear market.  Bear markets are often defined as a decline of more than 20% for the major market indexes, but I find it more useful to focus on long term changes in investor sentiment. What I did not predict was just how severe the effect of the coronovirus shutdown would be on the economy.  I thought we would need the combined of the effect of the shutdown and investors re-assessing their risk tolerance to bring us into full...
returns Dec 31 2019-Feb 29 2020

Ten Clean Energy Stocks for 2020: Navigating the Storm

by Tom Konrad, Ph.D., CFA This monthly update for my Ten Clean Energy Stocks model portfolio is in two parts.  I published my thoughts on the current market turmoil on March 2nd.  You can find them here.  I'm not even going to get into the Fed slashing interest rates like they were a furniture warehouse going out of business on March 3rd except to say that apparently they are more afraid of the effects of covid-19 on the economy than they are of appearing to panic. You can see overall performance for January and February in the following chart.  Not that...
10 for 20 jan returns

Divestment v Coronavirus: Ten Clean Energy Stocks for 2020 January Update

by Tom Konrad, Ph.D., CFA January 2020- where do I start?  A year of market-shaking news in a month. The Brink of War The month started off with a literal bang when Trump decided that a good way to distract the public from his impeachment trial would be to try to start a war with Iran by assassinating one of Iran's top military leaders, Qassem Suleimani.  A week later, the world and markets heaved a collective sigh of relief when Iran decided that their honor had been satisfied with two missile strikes on US bases.  While Trump reported no casualties, Iran's Foreign...
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Ten Clean Energy Stocks for 2020

by Tom Konrad, Ph.D., CFA If it's tough to follow a winner, 2020 is going to be an especially tough year for my Ten Clean Energy Stocks model portfolio. I've been publishing lists of ten clean energy stocks that I think will do well in the year to come since 2008.  With a 46 percent total return, the 2019 list has had its best year since 2009, when it managed a 57 percent return by catching the rebound off the 2008 crash.  This year's returns were also achieved in the context of full- to over-valuation of most of the clean energy...
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