Advertise With Us – Deliver Your Message to Our Renewable Energy Audience

We make it easy to get your message out to our renewable energy audience.

If you’re a PR firm that specializes in raising the profile of small or microcap renewable companies, or if you have a broader message about a sustainable energy product or service, we have a variety of offerings to get the attention you’re looking for.

We offer advertising in three forms: Interviews, Sponsored Blog Posts and Banner Ads. We do not offer PPC ads. 

Interviews With Executives of Clean Energy Companies

An interview with a founder or member or the executive or management team is an excellent way to tell your company’s story and to explain your offering in detail. 

Here is an example of an interview we did with CEO Bernard Tan of RE Royalties.

Interviews are particularly well suited to small or micro companies that are looking to raise capital or that want to increase visibility and target investors. Interviews can also benefit sustainable energy companies that have a product or service that they want to explain or promote to our green energy audience.  

Interview questions are prepared by our Editor, Tom Konrad Ph.D., CFA and are sent to the interviewee by email and answered by email. We work within timeframes of the interviewee. Interviews can contain a picture of the executive, along with website and social media links. All interviews contain a disclosure stating the interview was paid for and full disclosure of any other real or potential conflicts of interest.

All interviews are posted to our site permanently and go out to our subscriber list. 

Sponsored Blog Posts Relating to Renewable Energy

Our Sponsored Blog Post advertising package allows you to craft and deliver your message to directly target our green energy audience. Sponsored Blog Posts are written by you and are approved by us before going live on our website and out to our email subscribers.

Sponsored Blog posts are suitable for any green energy companies with a specific message for our audience regardless if they are on the investment side of things. A press release is an example of how a Sponsored Post with us might be used. A solar company wanting to announce or promote a product or service is another example of how a Sponsored Blog Post might be used.

One excellent and often unconsidered benefit is that the Sponsored Blog Posts stays on our site permanently. This means it can be found by search engines and will bring traffic to your site well after the post has been made live.

Banner Ads for Sustainable Energy

We offer a variety of options for companies seeking to place banners ads that promote a sustainable energy, company, product or service.

Banner ads first appeared on the internet in 1994 and they are still around today because they work. 

Banners are created by you and approved by us. We have shorter term options to test things out without a significant commitment. We encourage our clients that run banner ads to have effective analytics in place to gauge and measure the effectiveness of the ads you’re placing on our site. 

Please contact us for current rates and banner ad options.

Visitors and Traffic – Our Renewable Energy Audience

Our visitors are a mix of small DIY investors, professional money managers and analysts, and people who want to remove fossil fuels from their own energy use. Some have an ESG or other sustainable focus, while others are simply interested in making money from the energy transition. Overall, we have a broad and eclectic range of visitors with a common interest being the adoption and promotion of renewable and sustainable energy for economic and/or social reasons. 

We currently get about 50,000 page views month. Our email subscriber list is about 1,500. Please contact us to get current stats.

All forms of advertising on Alt Energy Stocks appears on the website and Interviews and Sponsored Blog Posts additionally going out to our email subscribers.

Our Advertisers

Our advertisers are most often companies involved in renewable energy, energy efficiency, or other parts of the sustainable economy.  

We do however welcome broader messages not necessarily relating to the investment in green energy but also the promotion of products and services in solar energy, wind energy and anything that is sustainable or renewable and uses some type of greentech.  

We will not take money from companies that we judge are engaged in greenwashing: Our mission is to help truly sustainable companies spread the word about the good work they do.

Contact Us – Advertising Inquiries

Please reach out to us by email to review your advertising needs or to inquire about our current rates and availability.

Brian Gomes