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Stock Quote for Velocys (VLS.L)

Last Trade 243.00 Avg. Daily Volume 222227
Change 6.25 Day's Range 236.875 - 249.00
% Change +2.64% 52 Week Range 124.00 - 249.00
Last Trade Time 6:14am Moving Average 214.94
Open 238.50 PE Ratio N/A
Previous Close 236.75 EPS 0.00
Volume 333070 Market Cap N/A

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Velocys Thinking Big with Microreactors

Velocys Thinking Big with Microreactors

News for Velocys (VLS.L)

Velocys wins UK patent case against CompactGTL on smaller scale GTL technology
Green Car Congress - 2014-09-22

Velocys Thinking Big with Microreactors
Alternative Energy Stocks - 2014-07-29

JV greenlights commercial small-scale GTL plant in Oklahoma using Velocys technology; commercial reference site
Green Car Congress - 2014-07-29

Velocys Thinking Big with Microreactors
Alternative Energy - 2014-07-29

Velocys acquires Pinto Energy and Ashtabula GTL Project; gas from the Marcellus Shale
Green Car Congress - 2014-06-25

BA and Solena Fuels to build GreenSky landfill-waste-to-jet-fuel plant in Thurrock; completion in 2017
Green Car Congress - 2014-04-16

Small Gas-To-Liquids Plants Get A Huge Boost
Forbes Energy News - 2014-03-28

Velocys, Waste Management, NRG Energy and Ventech form JV for small-scale gas-to-liquids plants
Green Car Congress - 2014-03-24

Velocys and Shiloh in new GTL manufacturing partnership and share purchase agreement
Green Car Congress - 2014-03-11

PTT commissions design for 100 bpd GTL facility with Velocys microchannel reactors
Green Car Congress - 2013-10-16

Pinto Energy to build 2,800 bpd small-scale GTL plant in Ashtabula; Velocys microchannel technology
Green Car Congress - 2013-09-23

Juniper GTL to invest $100M to retrofit plant to new small-scale GTL facility in Louisiana
Green Car Congress - 2013-09-07

Biomass-to-Liquids Plant Chooses Technology
Domestic Fuel - 2013-07-15

Oxford Catalysts selected as FT provider for 1,100 bpd BTL plant in Oregon
Green Car Congress - 2013-07-08

Ventech places $8M order with Oxford Catalysts for FT reactors
Green Car Congress - 2013-04-11

Oxford Catalysts sues CompactGTL for patent infringement on small-scale GTL
Green Car Congress - 2013-03-20

British Airways commits to 10-year, $500M purchase of sustainable jet fuel from GreenSky London
Green Car Congress - 2012-12-04

Oxford Catalysts signs FT catalyst service agreement with Mourik LP
Green Car Congress - 2012-11-07

Oxford Catalysts to supply 1,000 bpd commercial GTL plant
Green Car Congress - 2012-09-07

Sierra Energy selects Oxford Catalysts microchannel FT reactor for California waste-to-liquids commercial demonstration plant
Green Car Congress - 2012-07-30

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