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Publicly traded companies whose business is involved in the construction or ownership of offshore wind farms

Offshore Wind Stocks

Company (Ticker)Last TradeChange%
Dong Energy A/S (DENERG.CO)---------------------
NaiKun Wind Energy Group Inc. (NKWFF)---------------------
Northland Power Inc. (NPIFF)---------------------
Sif Group (SIFG.AS)---------------------

News for Offshore Wind Stocks

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Offshore Wind Means Jobs, Study Shows
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Retired Coal Plant Site To Help Launch East Coast Offshore Wind Industry
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QUICK NEWS, March 26: Exxon’s Pretend Response To Climate Change; Is It The New Energy Or The Emissions Cuts? The Cost Of Money And The Price Of Solar
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Study predicts major expansion of offshore wind along Atlantic coast
Climate Progress - 2018-03-23

The Abundance Of U.S. Ocean Wind
NewEnergyNews - 2018-03-22

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