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Publicly traded companies whose business involves the use of hydrogen as energy storage or a transportation medium.

Hydrogen Stocks

Company (Ticker)Last TradeChange%
AFC Energy (AFC.L)9.900.03+0.25%9.9510.009.751041148
Air Products & Chemicals (APD)129.970.96+0.74%128.93129.97128.371321847
Ballard Power Corporation (BLDP)2.870.09+3.24%2.752.892.70694290
Hydrogenics Corp (HYGS)14.89-0.70-4.49%15.6416.2614.83120063
HydroPhi Technologies Group, Inc. (HPTG)0.010.00-13.04%
HyperSolar, Inc (HYSR)0.020.00-1.12%
Plug Power (PLUG)4.450.07+1.60%4.334.524.326848443
Proton Power Systems (PPS.L)5.380.000.00%
Quantum Fuel Systems (QTWW)4.080.09+2.26%

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All Stocks > Hydrogen Stocks