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Publicly traded companies whose business involves fuel cells, devices for efficiently converting the energy in fuel directly into electricity by chemical means, without combustion. Applications include road transport, large-scale energy storage and short-haul transport such as forklifts.

Fuel Cell Stocks

Company (Ticker)Last TradeChange%
AFC Energy (AFC.L)---------------------
Ballard Power Corporation (BLDP)---------------------
Ceres Power Holdings PLC (CPWHF)---------------------
Enova Systems (ENV.L)---------------------
FuelCell Energy (FCEL)---------------------
Hydrogenics Corp (HYGS)---------------------
ITM Power (ITM.L)---------------------
Mantra Venture Group Ltd (MVTG)---------------------
Neah Power Systems (NPWZ)---------------------
Plug Power (PLUG)---------------------
Proton Power Systems (PPS.L)---------------------
SFC Energy AG (F3C.DE)---------------------

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