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Publicly traded companies whose business involves ethanol alchohol (C2H5OH) made from biomass for use in transportation. Common feedstock include corn and sugar cane.

Ethanol Stocks

Company (Ticker)Last TradeChange%
Aemetis, Inc. (AMTX)---------------------
Andersons Inc (ANDE)---------------------
Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)---------------------
Bluefire Renewables (BFRE)---------------------
Cosan Ltd (CZZ)---------------------
Dyadic International (DYAI)---------------------
Green Plains Partners LP (GPP)---------------------
Green Plains Renewable Energy (GPRE)---------------------
MGP Ingredients (MGPI)---------------------
Pacific Ethanol (PEIX)---------------------
REX American Resources Corp. (REX)---------------------
SunOpta (STKL)---------------------
Verenium Corp (VRNM)---------------------

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