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Publicly traded companies whose business involves the trading of commodities designed to represent an environmental attribute, such as the environmental benefits of renewable energy (Renewable Energy Credits, or RECs) or Carbon Offsets.

Environmental Market Stocks

Company (Ticker)Last TradeChange%
Camco International (CAMCF)0.070.00+0.00%0.07N/AN/A0
ERA Carbon Offests Ltd. (ESR,V)15.820.00+0.00%16.06N/AN/A0
GlyEco, Inc. (GLYE)0.090.00+0.00%0.09N/AN/A0
Trading Emissions PLC (TRDGF)0.020.00+0.00%0.02N/AN/A0
World Energy (XWES)N/A0.00+0%5.00N/AN/A0
World Energy Solutions Inc. (XWES)N/A0.00+0%5.00N/AN/A0

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