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Companies active in several alternative energy sectors.


Company (Ticker)Last TradeChange%
ABB Ltd. (ABB)23.120.36+1.560%22.9723.1522.961696245
Accenture PLC (ACN)129.020.85+0.66%128.56129.02127.99468692
AECOM Technology Corporation (ACM)31.220.75+2.46%30.5931.2430.51505429
Alstom (AOMFF)35.530.00+0.00%35.53N/AN/A0
Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A)270482.001942.00+0.72%268252.00270555.00268252.00104
Dow Chemical Company (DOW)64.590.73+1.14%64.1264.7264.032747553
E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. (DD)82.710.88+1.08%82.1582.8782.01756363
Eaton Corporation PLC (ETN)71.850.71+1.00%71.3171.9771.201158177
Emerson Electric (EMR)58.740.74+1.28%58.2358.8458.10999385
Enbridge, Inc. (ENB)39.940.65+1.652%39.4540.0539.45900001
General Electric (GE)24.570.08+0.33%24.5724.7424.5213094819
Intermolecular, Inc. (IMI)0.890.02+2.30%0.890.890.89295
John Deere (DE)117.040.52+0.45%116.97117.28116.391493105
Johnson Controls (JCI)38.390.12+0.300%38.3438.4037.775244285
Roper Industries, Inc. (ROP)230.983.19+1.40%228.46230.98228.46147471
SAIC, Inc. (SAIC)71.021.34+1.92%69.9271.0269.9268777
Sanyo Electric (
Shikun & Binui (SKBN.TA)842.303.20+0.38%839.70859.00839.70334956
Siemens (SIEGY)66.350.68+1.04%66.0766.4066.03133387
United Technologies (UTX)115.380.10+0.09%115.58115.83115.151091861
Veolia Environnement SA (VIE.PA)19.480.06+0.31%19.4719.5319.42838130

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