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Stock Quote for Ballard Power Corporation (BLDP)

Last Trade 2.26 Avg. Daily Volume 835820
Change 0.06 Day's Range 2.19 - 2.30
% Change +2.73% 52 Week Range 1.23 - 2.53
Last Trade Time 4:00pm Moving Average 2.04
Open 2.21 PE Ratio N/A
Previous Close 2.20 EPS -0.13
Volume 787986 Market Cap 394.93M

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News for Ballard Power Corporation (BLDP)

Countries advancing Hydrogen and Fuel Cell History
Hydrogen Cars and Vehicles Blog - 2017-02-25

Ballard signs $25M deal with Broad-Ocean for manufacture & sales of 30 and 85 kW fuel cell systems in China
Green Car Congress - 2017-02-16

Ballard builds out China operations center for expanding fuel cell business
Green Car Congress - 2017-02-15

Ballard in consortium with New Flyer to deploy 20 fuel cell electric buses in CA
Green Car Congress - 2017-02-14

New Flyer zero-emission bus deliveries increased by 48% to 213 EUs in 2016
Green Car Congress - 2017-01-12

Why Shares of Ballard Power Systems Inc. Plunged 11% in December Headlines - 2017-01-06

Fuel Cell Powered Buses Inching More and More Into Mainstream
Environmental Leader - 2017-01-06

Ballard-powered fuel cell electric buses exceed 10M km of revenue service
Green Car Congress - 2017-01-04

Why Fuel Cell Stocks Face an Uphill Battle in 2017 Headlines - 2016-12-26

Proton OnSite to supply 13 MW-scale electrolyzers to provide hydrogen for fuel cell bus fueling in China
Green Car Congress - 2016-12-20

Early Times – Hydrogen and Fuel Cell History
Hydrogen Cars and Vehicles Blog - 2016-12-10

Ballard signs fuel cell supply agreement with Solaris; initial order of 10 modules as range extenders for electric trolley buses
Green Car Congress - 2016-11-30

3 Top Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stocks You Can Buy Right Now Headlines - 2016-11-28

Loop Energy introduces fuel cell range extender for heavy-duty vehicles; in-service operation to begin in 2017
Green Car Congress - 2016-11-25

Ballard closes JV deal for fuel cell stack production in China
Green Car Congress - 2016-10-26

Why Shares of Ballard Power Systems Inc. Popped 15% Today Headlines - 2016-10-03

Commissioning of initial 12 Ballard-powered buses in China’s largest fuel cell bus deployment
Green Car Congress - 2016-09-30

Why Synnex, Ballard Power Systems, and Yelp Jumped Today Headlines - 2016-09-27

Volkswagen Group & Audi accelerate fuel cell technology solutions program with Ballard
Green Car Congress - 2016-09-27

Ballard providing ten 30 kW fuel cell modules to UpPowerTech; expanding into China’s Guangxi Province
Green Car Congress - 2016-09-08

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